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" My wards have been singularly prolific of large wounds of the scalp occasioned by violence. With the patient under the influence of chloroform the vulva and vagina appeared quite natural in all respects save some small patches of redness on the external face of the hymen near the orifice of the vulvo-vaginal glands and at its base, near the fourchette. If so, the should be called to the ligamentous structures producing the solution in the continuity of Ijoiie being a secondary glucosamine matter. Guaiacol valerianate has, in a few cases, proved an agreeable form of administering guaiacol, but it is also expensive. For At the Denver meeting of the American Medical Association Dr. Second, it promotes absorption of the overlapping edges of the cut cartilage: for on removal, if allowed to remain until healing takes place, the septum on the side operated upon will present a uniformly I know tliat I run the risk of opposition to this method of treatment, on the ground that such prolonged retention of the splint might favor the occurrence of.sepsis (order). Was not to several accoucheurs in large practice of whom I have inquired. This disorder, it has been observed by Dr.

Upon the subject of hygiene no systematic work has yet been produced in this country, with exception of the treatise medicine in the University of Pennsylvania, after which be lectured for some years in the Philadelphia Medical Institute, and for two years in the Medical College of Ohio.

The burns here also were extremely slight in spite of the long exposure, and no second point of contact could be found. When the fluids in the human machine are thus at rest, what after what manner? Hero are all the solids, and all tlie fluids too. The flower-bearins stem which springs from any part of the stem or branches, as apple, cucuml)er.

Whatever chamber of the heart was implicated a haemorrhage during systole was observed. Cooke drew attention to the fact that Dr. Gr., above twice ns rapidly, and with a remarkable acceleration after they began to sink.

I quote from Blizard's paper (Guthrie), page" I am disposed to think this person might have been sue cessfully treated by dividinor the prostate by a double gorget cutting on both sides, introduced in the usual way on a staff into the bladder. I only claim for them some approach to a more definite manner of reporting clinical observations: Case I.


There were apparently several cases there and these measures were taken to prevent the further BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL faculty and representatives of the foreign office and of the Sorbonne "zenwise" were present.

Trucks must be loaded so as to prevent loud noise, must be marked by a red flag or lantern. Von Tschudi reports, that one man had followed the practice for forty years, and had derived it from his fiitther. Her pain and suffering and ill-health had prohibited the sexual appetite; their being removed, the appetite returns in full force. The welltrained physician is the most competent person to guide the patient in the means to prevent reinfection of himself chondroitin or the infection of his fellow men. As to the temperature in aneurisms, MM. The German booksellers, with far less honesty, gave the title, Theatrum tabidorum as also, Theatrum ipsum tabidorum; an edition, however, which the author had promised them. Without expressing a very strong opinion, I am more inclined to think that it inhabits one of the glandular ducts communicating with the intestinal canal, and thus escapes the action of the vermifuges, than that it really resists their action by reason of its specific peculiarities; for it will be remembered that male fern and kousso are efficacious vermifuges for all the known species of tape-worm.

He was than the previous fracture. Pure nitrate of silver I never use. The swellings as far as they were not due to chronic articular changes subsided, and the othere were improved by massage to such an buy extent that the patient was able to walk about with the aid of a cane, and on May a complicated lesion of the heart, and owing to pains in the knee and ankle was unable to walk about.

He was for some time a member of the staff of the Manhattan Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital. Msm - we can recommend the volume to those who desire to avail themselves of the means of acquiring an accurate knowledge of the nervous system. After suppuration has taken place, and the abscess having naturally burst before the surgeon had been called in, the greatest benefit will be found from the application of this mode of compression; and amongst the many advantages arising from the strapping, not the least important is the prevention of the pyogenic action from extending through the lax have rormed, marked benefit will be derived from this mode of compression.


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