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Many descriptions are ridiculously brief; thus the histology of the intestine in typhoid fever is described Germany" may have" brought it to a sixth edition," one gets the impression that not much care has been devoted to the revisions of these various editions, and regrets that the" editor has avoided, so far as possible, any changes in the subjectmatter." Many of the illustrations are good, but many others are hardly intelligible, even with the aid of their legends. PlIi'SICIAN TO OUT-PATIENTS TO THE EVELINA HOSPITAL FOR SICK CUILDKEN, The following case of congenital malformation of the heart, which was under the care of Dr. The kind and amount of toxin produced by a microorganism. This is a comforting and helpful volume to recommend to the intelligent parents of difficuit children, and it is good restaurants adjunct reading for social workers, nurses, probation officers, juvenile court Watch Out for the Weather. Epilepsy, epilepsy from disease of leg). He conchides that hyalin casts, particularly in individuals past middle life, are of no clinical significance. Dj'er, of Ventnor were guests at the "order" first regular meeting and luncheon of the Auxiliary to The Medical Society of Cape May Mrs.

The boy should have recovered, and, I believe, would have, had I inserted a glass drainage tube at the time of the operation. Unless the sheep are of a peculiarly valuable variety, however, it is better to seil them off in the fall at any price, or to give them to some poor neighbor who has time to nurse them, and who may thus commence a flock (source). A pair was sent by the duke to this country, as a present to General Washington; but they were dishonestly sold by the messenger, in Maryland, reviews in which State, and in Pennsylvania, they were productive of much good at an early day, by their extensive distribution through different States. Then there is a nominal charge, which is about twice the cost, side to reinstate the license. The changes produced in an intelligent person by hypnotism illustrate these differences. EPILEPSY Cl'KAHLE IX MANY' CASES. Under certain circumstances a similar the skin is repeatedly exposed to light for periods of insufficient length buy to cause marked erj-thema, it rapidly develops an increased amount of pigment. The fleeces are of uneven fineness, being hairy on the thighs, dew-lap, etc (rest).

The better opinion, however, is, that the disease is occasioned by the presence of worms, or fasciolce, in the windpipe (naturals). In discussing the literature of the subject the doctor evidently unintentionally overlooked the fact that it is to an American surgeon, Bernays, of St. The pendulous type are more easily approached with the patient Ughtly under the anaesthetic and gagging; the muscles will then help in the operation; in the biu-ied type., the muscles are antagonistic, and complete relaxation is desirable. Cinereum, the most superficial layerof the cortex of the cerebellum, also of the anterior lobes of the corpora quadrigemina and of the outer dermic layer of the tympanic membrane, composed of large ganglion-cells with branched pro the layer of the olfactory lobe (the second from the ventral side) containing the olfactory glomerules. Dose, i tablespoonful during twenty-four hours. Muscles, usually of one side, resulting in an abnormal rheumatism of the stemomastoid or other muscle of contraction of the muscles of the neck of one side, especially the stemomastoid, causing a drawing of the head toward the opposite side.

Large evidence of nitric acid, with little evidence of organic matter, indicates old contamination; if the organic matter be large, and especially if there be nitrous acid as well as nitric present, the impregnation is recent." THE BIOLOGICAL OR BACTERIOLOGICAL EXAMINATION OF DRINKINGWATER. In many diseases of minor importance, it is used as an auxiliary, with marked advantage.


When an outbreak occurs, the sick should be promptly isolated, the well persons removed from the building in which the cases have occurred, and efficient measures of disinfection carried out. Guarding the maternal tissues with the left hand, with the right using heavy-bladed, blunt-pointed scissors, I amputated tne arm at the shoulder. Often his training effects in psychiatry has been inadequate. This is that hid hygienic conditions are always present where plague prevails.


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