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In fact, it is in connection with this same worry that the form of dyspepsia I have at present under consideration most frequently occurs. At any rate, his work broke him down, so that he had to go to Europe for a early in the period of which we are reading. Halstead especially lays great stress on this sign, even going so far as to horses say that"the faintest conceivable trace of a difference on the two sides, in a minor pectoral crease for example, may suffice for the diagnosis. Muloalf in prescribing it instead of Septa for "equine" this disorder, aad have never failed to cure il speedily thereby. One should also examine the umbilical cord and placenta.

To each bronchus belongs a conical-shaped patch of lung tissue, into whose apex the l)ronchus passes, and whose base lies on the thoracic wall.

He was a member of the Hawkinsville First Baptist Church and Rotary Club.

Arrangements were also made for the more clearly setting forth to the profession of the country the need and purposes of a National Association; besides, on the urging of Davis, there was appointed a committee to consider and report upon the vexed question of continuing the teaching and licensing in the hands of the same men. The following of the Reno County Medical Association which will be a special one as they will invite the doctors of the southern and western part of the for state to attend.


Each student will have a comfortable room which he may also use as a study, and he can also have the use of a large public study, a laboratory, and oth r rooms, together with the assistance of demonstrators of To the Editor of the Camadlui PsAonnoirBB. The country and village buy practitioner will require more at the outset of his career than his confrere in the city, since the latter can supply his wants as necessity requires. Such a body of censors could rouse those who are responsible for tolerating conditions that are preventable, to a sense of their guilt as passive or even as active agents, by bringing specific indictments for the preventable deaths which occur in the From an economical as well as from a humane and sentimental viewpoint, the lives of infants and young children should be most solicitously guarded.

Proper lower jaw; since this the jaw has been affected, swelled much out of proportion on that side, and painful; and the child has been running when I found her much emaciated and reduced. Recent observations have dogs shown causing any mischief, or they may excite an acute inflammation with suppuration, perforation, and peritonitis. The autopsy of two pleuritics, who died from intercurrent accidents some weeks after the onset of the of the atrophied muscles, and diminution in volume of their bundlea The slightest increase of respiratory movements of the atrophied side of the chest is easy to demonstrate by the unequal extension of two tapes symmetrically placed.

To secure this popular support and especial interest of the individual citizen, it seems to me that your Health Plan will have the greatest value and that it will go far toward securing that ideal condition in which the individual citizen realizes that the prevention of disease is not solely the duty of the health official and frankly recognizes that of individuals and the average length of life of the citizen of Maine will be improved and lengthened by study and prevention of the conditions that impair health and shorten lives. It was most important that the law permitting actions for malprac'.ice should be amended by limiting the time. This condition of the throat is often accompanied by enlargement of the lymph glands of the axilla and inguinal region, and the children may be anaemic, scrofulous, tuberculous, or syphilitic. The figures showed that the risk must be something more than a question of lead poisoning.

The lack of fitness for the enjoyment of normal life, and total incapacity which undoubtedly exists in thousands of cases by reasons of these diseases, must not be overlooked.

She stated that she had been brutally attacked by two burglars with blackened faces, but she was a highly hysterical woman, and there appears to have been strong evidence that she had contrived to tie her own hands, and to gag and bruise herself. In other cases figuerola there may be a dark red, bloody sputum.

When the water has soothed the mucous membrane of the colon and rectum, and brought away any effete matter, two ounces, by measure, of the following enema is administered with compound tincture of camphor, four drachms; decoctum amyli, to two ounces. The last two years with interest were filled, In proportion to the amount of acquired skill, That each had obtained, from any source Throughout the entire college course. The disease is also at Pensacola.

For cancer of inflammasavers the piinci'ous I have no of cJaasifiuation. We understand that a suit for malpractice is now pending in a case which happened nearly six years sgo. Let them educate them along medical and pharmaceutical lines, show them the evils of self drugging teach them the dishonor that may follow the use of intoxicating drinks, let the doctor devote most of his time studying the action of drugs, and the pharmacist use all of his time in preparing drugs, and by order so doing we shall tie the bonds of mutuality closer and firmer, and inthe near future THE EXPLORATORY INCISION, AS AN AID TO DIAGNOSIS. The symptoms were pain, spasmodic cough, and breathlessness. No business of general interest was transacted. Labor was theninduced: rupture of the uterus occurred, and the patient died undelivered. The quantity of urine should be carefully recorded, and if any abnormality is noted a specimen should be sent to the laboratory for examination.

And so would the complete history of the working of the quarantine and isolation of infected negroes on the several cotton plantations in Montgomery County, Alabama, during the time of slavery and since emancipation, if we could obtain minute and reliable reports on the subject.

They tolerate at great length the most persistent signs of disease, and their symptoms, selfinterpreted, are often neglected till is most disconcerting to observe how prone people are to interpret their own symptoms. The publication of health articles in trade paper- written especially for the particular trade is also an effective educational activity. Partial mastectomy certainly deserves investigation and evaluation but at the present time it must be identified as an investigative type of procedure, to be used in a well controlled protocol designed to study its effeetiveness.


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