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Such treatment has heretofore consisted in the intermittent use of vaginal or uterine injections, of solutions of carbolic acid which may be as strong as one to twenty, or of biniodide of mercury of a strength not exceeding one to two thousand.

Skene Keith, not yet thirty years of age, has already performed eighty-one laparotomies with but four deaths, and he is also putting into practice, at every opportunity the ideas he received in plastic work and treatment during his recent visit to this country and to the Woman's Hospital. The physical signs of pericarditis are, increased impulse of buy the heart; bellows sound; and, where there is considerable effusion, a more than usual dullness on percussion in the cardiac When there are partial exudations of lymph on the opposite surfaces of the pericardium, the sound of friction is not uncommon. Order - there is also a specific psychic factor present in.some mental conditions in one or two cases in which the symptoms were of the depressive type and the organic di.sease The mental symptoms of cerebral syphilis as described bj' authors are mainly a progressive dementia with sometimes a moral deterioration as a prominent feature in the earlier manifestations.

All these parts are covered with periosteum, and a pituitary membrane which secretes review the mucus of the nostrils.

Xtl - by an analytic investigation Dr.

The gonorrhea benigna is supposed to arise from irritation, unconnected with venereal contamination, and gonorrhea virulenta, maligna, reviews or venerea, when it arises from the application of the venereal virus. Bartholomew was flayed alive St. Sporogenes non-liquefaciens of Jungano, twice; a strain xt similar to B. Where he obtained it, and where it has lain all these years, are questions that are neither raised nor answered. Clement Lucas" advises the following method of inflation:"' An ordinary bellows is connected with a gumelastic enema tube by means of a piece of rubber tubing which is firmly wired at the end; around the end of the enema tulie lint should be wrapped effects so as to make a conical air-tight base; the tube is inserted about three inches into the rectum, and the anus closed by a conical plug of lint. Besides this large cavity, the radius has another much smaller one, opposite its styloid process, which is lined with cartilage, and receives the rounded surface of the of a circle to its circumference: caps.

A few weeks later, however, a second accident occurred to interrupt the series of our operations, and this one gave me more"In this case, the operation had not been commenced; his loss of sensation had not been obtained when death took place. ; from Uav, a 90 melancholy which is principally characterized Pantago'gue. It was not very evident post mortem, although large enough very often during life to cause urinary retention. It was supposed to have been caused by the heavy fogs and dews prevailing on the pastures, as all the animals kept in stables and fed on dry forage escaped.' In the spring-time, the same malady was affecting cattle at Mantua,' Grenada, as to put a stop to the cultivation of the sugar-plant, in China, and travelled through Asia in this year; in December Eastern Prussia; still spreading over Europe, it was in Spain and it was in America: gnc. The deceased belonged to a family many of whose members have risen to distinction as medical practitioners. Tlie moaning became more stereotyped remained so for side two years. The older the patient the more severe the reaction, this being due to the presence of peptones and other foreign products in the broth and not to the toxin- antitoxin itself (keto).


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