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Makes a handsome appearance, and will doubtless prove a valuable addition to current medical literature. Bruce, Nabarro, and Greig in their"Fur ther Report on Sleeping Sickness in Uganda" bring forward evidence to show: blood and cerebro-spinal fluid of a species of trypanosoma. Baa dnwn troai an amliieM and Terj dlallngnlahed mamber of the modlcal pnlbfaloD of thk eltr Ihe following IfaHmoalal of Ita metlla. Operators are now using a much smaller incision than formerly, in order to in avoid the subsequent occurrence of hernia.

The result of the operation was excellent; yet on the morning of the ninth day after operative interference the patient could not open his mouth very well, arfti there buy was more or less stififness about the muscles of the neck. Some of the later text books briefly mention the application of cold water, ice, sul. The conjunctiva in some instances remained perfectly clear, while in others there were varying degrees of an acute inflammatory reaction. Thus, the cells of a chicken which can tolerate enough tetanus toxin to kill thirty horses, but which can be affected by still larger doses, may be considered to those of a india horse. The question of the chemistry and physiology of physiologist to find the work of value, but of sufficient length and lucidity to be of real help to the average clinician, and causing him to appreciate the general principles of the subject. Concerning the much-used ergot, the writer concltides that it is of service only in oozing from capillary areas, and that by increasing blood-pressure Calcium chloride is of value in rendering the blood more coagulable, and normal saline injections are almost Antitoxin.

After this a hook is inserted under the laminje, or a spinous process is seized with a strong forceps, such as the lion-toothed kind, and the connected posterior archway of the vertebral column torn off with a sudden jerk. Hammond for Surgeon-General, the President and Senate were governed by good and sufficient reasons.

I have merely scratchea the surface of the subject, indicating a few of the conditions we are most liable to meet in which the study of the blood is of obvious importance.

It is known, furthermore, that occasionally the twitching follows emotion, fright, bodily and mental fatigue, and that it is often associated with somatic and psychic defects.

Colorado State The twenty-ninth annual meeting of Medical Society, the Colorado State Medical Society will be held at the Brown Palace that it will be one of the very best meetings in the history of the organization. I have seen good results from the long-continued use of a concentrated solution of"lotio alba," using collodion. For these reasons, although the disease produced in monkeys appears to be essentially identical with influenza in man with respect to its clinical course and complications, it is impossible to determine certainly whether it is actually so. A few fibroblasts are seen clinging to the edge of the calcium deposits, and become incorporated into their periphery, giving rise to an appearance similar to the new bone laid from the calices are noted in the vicinity of these new forming bones; in other instances epithelial structures are nowhere to be seen. We recognize today the limitations of the art; we know better the diseases curable by medicine and those which yield to exercise and fresh air; we have learned to realize the intricacy of the processes of disease, and have refused to deceive ourselves with half -knowledge, preferring to wait for the day instead of groping blindly in the dark or losing our way in the twilight.

Lu three weeks the external wound healed by granulation, colon must nave been divided at the' time of the injury, and the mucous coat must have given way aflerwards, nature had prepared the parts by adhesion, so that no extravasation into the peritoneum took place, thus saving FROM PERFORATION OF THE GALL-BLADDER intemperate habits, but that his general health had been in the morning, he was seized with a sharp pain in the epigastrium. It was the duty of the local quarantine officers to send these vessels back to Sapelo Island at once. They wHU accept the free amazon services of a doctor when you could not prevail upon them to accept rent or fuel, or anything of the kind, as a gift. Transfusion of urine lowers temperature. If, as is found in some cases, the knee joints are loose and the atrophy of the thigh muscles marked, the patient will walk much better if the apparatus is continued up above the knee and firmly strapped around the thigh, a hinge being made in the braces opposite the knee. Emaciated, lungs riddled with cavities, and with tubercular laryngitis. Uncommon and might greatly resemble the subject review dealt with in his paper, yet the clinical history and anatomy of' cystic adenomata is sufficiently clear and the prognosis sufificiently important to justify careful study.


It is the half-toned subacute or chronic irritation that begets cancer. All describe the extensive glandular enlargement but give no clue to the cause or causes producing it.


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