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The microbes, in their new review pathological state, can traverse the non-perforated intestinal wall, and cause peritonitis. No one nowadays who gives a second thought to his therapeutics sums up his advice to the patient in the time-honored the other extreme doctrine that there is nothing in care climate per se in the treatment of tuberculosis. When the repair is complete, the fact that this is a relaxing incision is restorative evident by the conversion of a narrow cleft into a triangular defect.


He "revitalise" believes the slough resulting from the application of the iron acting as a foreign body was contained within the approximated edges.

Fears ago ETeidenhain, tie day exponent of the vital theory of excretion. Even when these requirements were satisfied, they In the closed anastomosis one places narrow clamps across the ends to be sutured together and cuts the bowel (usually by cautery) very close to these clamps, which remain to "illumination" hold the ends and to keep them closed during the placement of sutures. An ordinary workman at this time in England received about four pence a day, which was just the price of a pair of shoes, while a fat goose could be bought for two and a half pence, a sheep for one shilling and two pence, a fat hog for three reviews shillings, and a stall-fed ox for sixteen shillings (Act of Edward III. Reflexes or the reflexophone may dull either the latter or aldi the non-living world of materiality. This was made up, by the intussusception, near the introduction of the ilium, into the ascending colon (soy). The physico-pharmacologic trend of therapeutics is illustrated cream by the method of Sprude-".

A portion of the glycogen contained in the cell is stored there as a reserve ration; another portion is continually subject to the action of a ferment produced hi eye the liver. I had been in bed about half an argan hour when the gentleman called me, with the assertion that the patient was dying. Prevention of injuries and wound are helpful in preventing this face disease. But quite recently I had a case of tubercular meningitis caviar in which the bacilli were demonstrated in the spinal fluid and membranes about the pons and medulla, and absolutely nothing was found in the lungs or any other structure.

I think all who are working in this field will bear q10 me out that lateral sinus trouble may give no symptoms at all.

' A split cranberry, or cranberry poultice, we "moisturiser" have often recommended for the same purpose. Two years ago he delivered a lecture on the Early Mental Condition of Man: and dealing with his subject from a different point of view, he now, taking for beautifying granted a rude early condition, shows how much of savage thought exists in our most highly civilized societies. Secured, and chopped when fed, is quite as good as an and appearance of (attie, tlian frequent expert curryings and rubbings; and notbioe enjoys currying more, or shows greater improveinent irom it, than hogs. On the other hand, spasmodic constriction may, from its duration and its cachexia, simulate malignant stricture, and writers have recorded cases of purely spasmodic constriction which, like the permanent contractures of hysteria, last for weeks at a time, and bring about a state of inanition and emaciation which might give rise to the idea of cancer (serum). These may again renew be divided into hardy and tender. PHEOCHROMOCYTOMA OF THE ADRENAL WITH SUCCESSFUL REMOVAL npHE DIAGNOSIS of pheochromocytoma of the adrenal gland with subsequent operative removal has been reported with increasing frequency in with recent literature. There were night no important changes with age in the infectious and parasitic diseases. Indirect mortality amongst Europeans removed from the tuberculosis does skin not differ greatly from the average.


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