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Fifty per cent may be accepted as an average death-rate, but it is often exceeded in specially severe outbreaks, and in the early stage of any outbreak. Pyogenic organisms of one or more varieties can be demonstrated in large numbers in the original site of infection, in tire emboli and thrombosed veins, and in the secondary abscesses; bnt rarely in the blood.


To the right the upper portion of the nates measured sixteen and one-half centimetres from the right trochanteric region to the furrow of the nates, and on the left side eleven effects centimetres.

Is this recent transference of the pressure of mortality from phthysis to pneumonia to be ascribed to changes in the seasons, to a better use of medicine, or to a decline in scrofula, with better habits in the community? Possibly the active practice now in vogue may have contributed to some deaths in the form of pneumonia, which would have otherwise ended as phthysis.

It was therefore with anticipating delight that I looked forward to meeting again Dr. An assemblage of individuals which resemblo one another in their essential characters, are able, directly or indirectly, to produce fertile individuals, and which do not, so tar as human observation goes, give rise to individuals which vary from the general type i more than within certain definite limits. But, as there must be clearly something altered from its natural where slate anterior to functional derangement, we must allows that the primary cause consists in a change of the properties which preside over the functions.

A liquid which does not change the nature of the substance to be dissolved. The testes are in the poHtcrior erexite half of the body, one behind Iho other; both nre branched diuhotomously.

Slight rigor about six side o'clock; flatulent. That the disease is also robbed of its power on the constitution is proved partly by the great fall in the death-rate and partly by clinical observation. Or projecting part; thus, the pons Varolii is called the annular protu-. Many weak and timid men are led by these examples to disregard the high obligations of their calling, and, allured by the vaunted popular estimation of the various forms of empiricism, to seek its flattering rewards; they soon become indifferent to their shame and disgrace, and are lost to our profession. Chlorate of potash is cleansing to the mouth, but Signs of heart failure should be carefully watched for. But buy he had shown that in them there need be no bulging, no swelling, no pain, no tension, though there might be some congestion of the gum, and in all but one of his cases there had been diseased teeth. Bacteria, or the carbo-hydrates of the food.

After an interval ol' some months they were placed upon eva strontium bromide, given in the same doses and under the same conditions of diet, regimen, etc. This gentleman remarked that the pregnant woman was the aggressor; that to she had made the contract of maternity; the child was passive and had made no contract. Similar experiments have not yet been made on the higher animals; but it is probable that an animal kept and nourished under strictly aseptic conditions would thrive as badly as would a plant.

Professor Montgomery seems to have a keener appreciation of the importance of this condition than any other author writing on gynecology, not even excepting Kelly. We have before us a paper on" The Practice of Hiring Wet-Nurses considered as it affects Public Health and Public Morals," which was presented to the" National Association for the Promotion of Social Science," wet-nursing are here presented in a two-fold light: former grow out of the employment of fallen women, a practice urged by a class of philanthropists, but which can not be too severely condemned, not only on account of its immoral tendencies, but also of the physical evils that are liable to be entailed upon the nurseling by the imbibition of constitutional proclivities to disease. It must be borne in mind, however, that Tiiuch greater care is required in the hot baths during the colder months, and that the exhilarating influence of fine weather is mostly wanting.


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