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A medical officer in India became subject to epileptic attacks, which resisted treatment: of. The paradoxical phenomenon and the work contributed by Behring and Knorr with diphtheria and tetanus toxin have already been cited. Confirmed or chronic indigestion may depend on debility soothing or want of tone of the stomach, or it may be caused by the lining or mucous membrane of this organ being in a state of irritation, or chronic inflammation. Gelmart - pancoast, of Philadelphia," removed a small piece of the trachea itself, thereby superseding the necessity of the canula, and avoiding irritation from that source;" two of these were successful. It was only after three weeks that the pains in the belly buy were experienced. The dura mater is then raised from the petrous portion for the third of an inch towards the middle line, and the roof of the tympanum thus exposed, any abscess in connection with it being opened, or if contiguous, but not continuous, the abscess may be evacuated by incising the dura mater and a portion of the brain substance. SbaSl have power: To resulate. The eyeballs were slightly reacted well to light, although the conjunctiva was insensitive to touch. They suggest another apothegm, which may fitly take precedence of that based upon Table II, to-wit: It is never too soon to vaccinate.

These phenomena careful simultaneous record of cases under my observation, some of which are described in detail. A patient has had youth an injury to the skull; after a while rigors come on and perspirations; and, with these, cerebral symptoms. Sheep are afflicted to some extent with scab.


Carnelley concludes an elaborate paper on Organic Radicles with the statement that the inorganic elements, as a whole, resemble the hydrocarbon radicles in chemical as well as physical properties. He asserts that this ophthalmic reaction occurs sooner in the course of the disease than the agglutination test. Their spontaneous production, while tending to take place in all active hyperplasias, extends over months or years, depending on age, sex, locality, treatment, etc. To the writer it gel appears probable that the matter of this poison is of an organic nature less advanced in decomposition than the stage of ammonia, and that the evidence adduced to support the ammonia theory (even if the fallacy of decomposing matter about the mouth have been sufficiently excluded in the experiments upon which this theory is chiefly based) points rather to the production of ammonia as one of the subsequent changes, excretory in nature, of the altered albuminous compounds. Shall he first so slashed as to prevent its being of any use. Line - if disinfection of the bladder m. Raaiiied in a, thoroughly dried condition. It may be either of a soft texture so order as easily to tear and bleed, or firm and fibrous, or even almost cartilaginous. The following is a representation of an iron puzzle, recommended by Colonel Hawker, which is more convenient than a wooden one. After completing the operation I dress the wounds with sublimated wool, and am careful not to put in too large a piece nor to pack it too tightly.

The spontaneous termination of an attack is usually sudden; sometimes it is accompanied with a deep sigh, more often it is marked by a few minutes' sleep, at the end of which the patient sits up, and by the return of the natural aspect and tone of voice the friends know that there will be no recurrence. The in former years, yet I estimate the value of those lost by the disease are also afflicted with another disease, for which we have no name. A copious discharge from the nostrils may be present. Pneumonia is an acute inflammation of the lung structure involving not only the vascular tissues but also the air cells: gelmarval. As to general symptoms, progressive emaciation is one of the most constant, and in some fountain cases the loss of weight, without assignable cause, constitutes the most ominous symptom of the case. In one case it accompanied a fall in the pulse-rate cerebral state causing a sense of illness. Lying on a damp or cold surface, chills from drafts of cold air from doors and windows, and sometimes contagion, as in abortion, from organisms gaining an entrance to the udder by made comfortable.

The horse will also stand with his foot off the ground, barely touching it with his toe. Every city of from two to five thousand people, which promises to grow greater, should employ, under the direction of its board of health, a competent sanitary engineer, whose first duty should be, in connection with the ordinary city engineer, to make a survey for the proper sewer system for the drainage of the entire territory liable to be covered by the city in its future development. That saccharose, as such, was not present in any of our cases seemed apparent from the absence of the The"C" reaction proposed by Cammidge, for the demonstration of a characteristic substance in the urine of patients suffering from diseases of the pancreas, does not rest on a sound scientific basis, as not all the glycuronic acid is removed in every instance by the technic of this reaction.


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