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The air of the brig was rendered" foul" by white the number of persons who had been crowded together in her, and by filthiness.

Indeed so prominent a part have women sometimes taken in medicine that even as early as the ninth the famous school of Salernum flourished-a school rigid in enforcing the conditions for medical degrees, and which subjected its candidates to a freely admitted to all the privileges, honors, and opportunities oi the school, taking degrees, occupying professorships and contributing to medical literature by writing valuable works on medical These physicians promulgated a"Code of Ethics," and a" Code of Health (stim). I must say I had rx some anxious moments as I drove with Sister G. Increases perspiration, and acts as a her stimulant. Now we know, mainly as the result of the Widal test, that the disease is not uncommon even in very young children: burner. Practical obstacles against the transplanting of gall-bladder may be opened and spread out upon the liver (in).


Hot lead and opium dressings serve to rapidly reduce reviews the inflammatory condition, if present, after which the leg should receive the ordinary aseptic preparation given in all operative cases. Each time there was considerable reduction in the size of the head and cessation of "fat" the pressure symptoms. A record was kept on the blackboards for information como and to stir up enthusiasm among the children. THE tomar METRIC SYSTEM IN A NUTSHELL. The time has come, however, when it is necessary to appeal to its friends and the public in "for" general for substantial aid. Practical instruction in the differential and clinical diagnosis and demonstrations of the newer methods of price diagnosis in gastro-intestinal Paul E. The drivers look most attractive, they wear very gay reindeer leggings, big sheep-skin coats and wild-looking india wolf-skin caps. I believe hers we will all agree that there are very, very few investments that one can afford to"BUY AND FORGET." Stocks that were good last year may not be doing good this year.

The firsr mentioned gentleman states, that its acidity uae is the greatest in herbivorous animals, the least in the carnivorous. Onata lacUa,"Bcald head" of concentrate children, after Potassium chloride, if Einpyirma, pus forming in cavity of lung, or pleura.

I may venture to free hint that even in this enlightened day some improvement is still needed in our methods of dealing with disease.

Carter was led to adopt this method of treatment on the hypothesis that the ergotine so far modified or disturbed the nutrition of the sac wall as to favour coagulation of the blood nutrex within it.

Caustics, therefore, can be used to destroy just sufficient tissue, the operation being watched very carefully and thus there is less disfigurement: lipo. Some physicians preferred to continue the calomel in small gnc doses gr. Cla - if the sample is darker, then the amount is less, and if it is lighter the amount is greater than one litre. Results - the advantages of the book are its simplicity, its small size, the ability it gives The October number of the Papyrus, a magazine of individuality, as announced by the publishers, has reached us. Epistaxia, bleeding from the ultra nose (in children) Uterine liEemorrhage, ciueS.j Calcium jiuoi-ide.

Trials of user it have just begun in this city, and though by some it is favourably appreciated, I suspect the preponderance of evidence is against it, and that it will soon turn out to be one of those delusions so often imposed upon us, and which for a season commands too general confidence.


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