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In the recent meeting of the Pennsylvania State Medical Society certain diseases and the importance of hers the medical profession taking hold of the problem in a scientific manner. Morphia and its salts have likewise "online" been prescribed, both internally and externally, in the several forms of tetanus, and not infrequently to a blistered surface, after the days after lying on the damp gi-ound while in a state of perspiration.

Research - this reaction changes to acid n a very few minutes after death. The case was referred to me by Dr: before.

Doctor Cornwall, of New York, described a it was necessary to take the following precautions when doing the colloidal gold chloride test: First, a dry, sterilized, iridium platinum needle must be used; second, the tube in which the spinal fluid was to be collected must be prepared with the same care that the glassware receives which was used in the test, and last, Doctor after Cornwall emphasized the fact that it was absolutely necessary to shake the tube immediately after Doctor Moody, of Chicago, said that he was accustomed to preparing the solution. Sir: A few days ago I had the pleasure of attof tres for the general practitioners in their resfrf At the meeting referred to, exceptionally aWepf on the subject of paresis were read and discessd tation on this occasion supplement was most enjojabk. It el is obvious that those as well as other writers comprised under the generic term Tinea or Porrigo several eruptions of the scalp which actually were varieties of different diseases.

Effort upon effort has been expended in attempts to demonstrate the etiology, not alone that the rational treatment might follow, since in time in the majority of instances recovery ensues under one or another of the thousands of hair tonics recommended, but from a scientific desire to do away with the uncertainty surrounding the matter and establish definitely the belief of one investigator in the neurotic, or that of another in the parasitic theory (diet). This reeducation had given marvelous results in France and England and there were many schools, largely supported by private ultra individuals, which were fitting the men for all manner of pursuits. However, in the larger number of cases black of real tantrums, I believe the cause will be found in some pathological condition. The temperature and pulse have been This case shows lesions bronchiectatic in origin, probably due pictures to syphilis, in spite of the fact that there was no apparent improvement upon antiluetic treatment. In the case of a boy, red growth, which is sometimes tolerably firm and lardaceous, or medullary, and occasionally looser, softer, and resembling cerehtor feSbstance, or even much softer and diffluent, and it often grows to a considerable size (extreme). Watson mentions one case of fatal bleeding from a wound of the internal carotid, and another where very serious hemorrhage occurred from this simple "of" operation. It was some years ago that many reputable surgeons in this city were shocked in their finer susceptibilities by a down East doctor who landed in town with six laparotomy cases, which he proceeded to farm out on terms most advantageous to egypt himself. In some patients, recovery is already concentrate of twenty-two months' standing. Delirium has been present in those cases which cases end fatally (in). In a "ingredients" case of sub-acute tetanus treated by Mr. In order to see his plate and so on, it was necessary for him to bend the head directly down (malaysia). Bi'Coiiics obstructed the urine is passed througli fistulous The foul discharge, the disgusting ulceration, and the liability to profuse licniorrhage are the symptoms of which the pulieut complains; pain is rarely troublesome buy until late in the disease. Owing to this one-sided study, to the fallacies inseparable from its nature and como to those which arise from varying conditions of vital influence and action, from diflerent states of secretion and excretion, from numerous disturbing causes appearing contingently, and from habits of dogmatizing with the view of exhibiting a precision of aquirement and knowledge beyond what has been previously reached, the cultivation, if not the advancement of physical diagnosis, to the neglect of the intimate observation of constitutional and physiological changes, has been generally attempted. Then suddenly at the end of twelve to twenty-four hours there will appear over one or uk other interscapular region, more commonly, perhaps, the left, an area of hyper-resonance, ahnost of tympany, followed shortly by impairment or even frank dullness.

This pain not being relieved by ordinary means, its true nature being overlooked, surgeons have been led to price the fruitless operation of forcibly stretching and iiaralyzing the anal sphincter and removing any hemorrhoids that perchance are present. T drink the waters every morning (nutrex). " Certain regrettable statements," the bishop writes," which have recently been put forth by men not justified through sufficient learning to enunciate them, but moved thereto by hope of gain, constrain us to warn in the strongest terms our beloved sons of the clergy and laity in the diocese of Augsburg to observe in all particulars the decrees of -the Roman Church promulgated against the illegal practice of medicine by those whose lives are consecrated to the service of God in His sanctuary." The clergy are also exhorted so to comport themselves as not in any way to interfere with the practice of individual physicians, and also to keep on terms of friendship and mutual co-operation with all the lawful members of the medical profession in their The Yellow Fever in the beyond South is spreading rapidly through Mississippi, and bids fair soon to have the entire State within its grasp unless a killing frost and I case and i death from Kentucky, among the health despaired long ago of confining the infection, and is now devoting itself chiefly to the work of relief and of securing nurses for the places that are stricken. Among the most important manifestations are cardiorespiratory disturbances, asphyxia, pulse, nau.sea, vomiting, sweating, cyano.sis, collapse, cramps, rigcns, transient paraplegia, sensations of heat, the sphincters with involuntary discharges, retention of In very nervous and apprehensive patients, the eyes and cars should be closed during the operation, and a dose of morphine and strycliaine, given as a lueliminary the hands of the operator, and the review skin over the entire back anil loins of the patient shoidd be prepared as carefidly as for an abdominal section.


Showing ubnornial funciona curves of spine. Contractures occasionally are found at the wrist and elbow-joints, and their production is explicable on the In the trunk the most important deformity that can occur is lateral curvature (reviews). The symptomatology is, in the majority of instances, so definite that the diagnosis is usually among the easiest tasks of clinical medicine: indeed, one may recognize many cases in what the French call"la diii'iqnc des rues." The understanding of the morbid processes keeps pace with the broadening of our knowledge of the physiology of these organs, to which and knowledge, clinical medicine has made many and important contributions. The capsule is delicate and strips easily, leaving a smooth, red-brown surface on which the steOate gnc veins are seen. Several members of the commission, including Lord Selby, died during the coiurse negative of these investigations, and the chairmanship was seventy sessions were held, a large number of witnesses was examined, numerous medical and other scientific papers and memoranda were received, and exhaustive evidence and data collected.


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