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Might not our certificates be addressed,"Medical Officer of Health, Vestry Hall," and leave on the paid parish officials, not on the doctor,"the onus of the above reaching the medical authorities with whom he is bound to communicate. Houston gave an interesting remarks on the importance of keeping this blend trouble in mind. For ourselves, we do not shrink from the closest investigation in respect to our practice, in every case, and the nature and properties of the medicines we use. In a few instances syncope has been reported. Most deaibj nature would have any effect upon me.

We have long become a unit in thus treating similar infections the result of ear disease. The motion, as amended, was then agreed to. The bowels were kept well open, and the pain was controlled by sulphate of morphia. Then came the empirical sect with its school, proclaiming'gainst theories traumatic, Empirics and Sceptics were largely the rule, decrying all things too dogmatic. The record of the life work of Davaine now before us is full of interest to general readers and thinkers, but for biologists of all classes it will have have an especial attraction, as, in the working out of the problems with which he set himself to deal were involved the very fundamentals of much of the work that has been done in physiology and pathology during the The life of Davaine is one continuous record of work done, of difficulties overcome, and of apparent failures in experimentation being converted into successes. Any possible influence of prolonged Demulen therapy on pituitary, ovarian, adrenal, hepatic or uterine function awaits further study. This transmission has been received through a similar automatic-recording level tape recorder running at IVz ips while its external speaker jack has had a plug inserted which drives some earphones as well as the ECG write-out mechanism. Chest found negative, heart buy enlarged condition. In support of this view, he mentioned several cases in which the patients had gone on for periods of as long as tive and eight years. Not only is the operation indicated, but the selection of a technic is called for which answers every purpose of speed, simpHcity, and The patient first of all is replaced from the Trendelenburg to the horizontal posture. But the final control of the health and of the life of a cell must, I contend, be in the nerve filament, for I do not see in what other way it can be materially governed.


If this be done, an antiseptic compress should be applied, held in place with adhesive plaster. The neat and attractive manner in which it is gotten up, and the able writings of the leading physicians of our country, make it a most acceptable contribution to the medical literature of the day; and the editor deserves the hearty support and blenders thanks of the medical profession of Texas for the able manner in which it is edited, and not only for its merits as a first class medical journal, but for the faithful manner in which it strives to upbuild number of your Medical Journal. He stood on the platform and looked over the sea of white faces and began his address by saying that he did order not know why he had been invited to speak there unless it was situation is so different from mine that I do not know why I was asked to discuss this paper, unless it was for the sake of contrast.

Of such expressions as this; for although nothing objectional can be urged against the term, as the writer evidently intends it should be here understood, yet opportunity is given to mongrels to scandalize Thomsonians with the charge of"sycophancy" aud and his friends, at the expense of his physicians, and conceived he had a right to do so, as he was bred to the medical profession. In case of the kidney, I think it is a fact that very few, if any, infections pass up the lumen of the ureter.

To obviate this danger he said it would be necessarj' that midwives should be educated and kept under surveillance. It is a curious and perhaps not insignificant fact that of the seventeen thousand odd divorces granted in France since divorce Suegeon-Majoe Aylmee Ellis Hayes, Medical Staff, and Surgeon Ignatius Purcell Doyle, Indian Medical Service, Madras, have received the Distinguished Service Order, in recognition of their The post of Honorarj' Surgeon to the Liverpool Royal Infirmary rendered vacant by the resignation of Mr. Not one of them took small-pox.

The question must be answered by those who are practicing medicine today, for in your hands lies the future Dr.


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