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The tils of coughing were peculiarly prolonged, and at first resultless, but ultimately attended by the discharge of a large quantity of grey-greenish yellow expectoration with an oily On microscopic examination the sputum showed large numbers ol pus cells, oil globules, fatty crystals, and on one occasion some iraBiueuls of pulmonarl elastic tissue, but no tubercle ba -illi. Hadden observed that such a cause as that cited would not presumably lead to rupture unless the vessel were Dr. F It is certainly true, that when a woman has borne a large family, the abdominal muscles become relaxed, lose their tone, and cease to afford that support which the gravid uterus ought to derive from them: the abdomen consequently becomes pendulous; the axis of the uterus, in respect to the person, is changed; its fundus is thrown forwards, and its mouth is directed too much backwards against the sacrum: for. The proportion of malignancy in solid tumors was given as small. Formerly I douched every case.

The medullary portion is universally white.

Barks, a nurse who has had a splendid practice appointed head nurse of Freedom We have received a letter from Miss Laura Morrison, the young much impressed by the spirit of the letter, and publish it in the hope that it may interest those who read it: I went to the Isthmus of Panama there eleven months, still, conditions were such that I did not enter into the medical life there, hence my I passed the Civil Service Exami nation without any difficulty.

In the case of provisions, this Aarice is a passion full of paradox, a madness full of method; for although the miser is the most mercenary of all beings, yet he serves the worst master more faithfully than some Christians do the best, and will take nothing for it. Be it where it may, it should be corrected (to). This has been also called hippocampus; but the terms major and minor are applied to distinguish them. The refusal on the part of the patient to enter a sanatorium and the depressed mental and physical condition to my mind justified the treatment before there was a further progress in the disease. Especially being large, and the normal prominences thickened aud obscured. Then a compress and bandage may be applied to keep on the dressings, and protect the parts from injury, and should be applied with such a degree of firmness as feels com fortable, and will have the effect of preventing bleeding and There are two principles in the healing process that we must regard in the dressing of wounds. Suppose you heard the sound on the right side at the junction of the sternum sale and third costal cartilage more distinctly than elsewhere, then what would it be? Aortic stenosis; it would be produced at the aortic orifice of the heart at the time the heart contracts, the blood would be going through in the normal direction, and.


The peculiarities of the Jewish people, the writer considers, are not due to any ethnic, biostatic, or racial characteristics of a purely anatomical or physiological nature, but have their origin in the past history of the Jews and their habits of life, and probably in the fact that the Jews have to a certain extent secured a considerable amount of immunity by reason of their past experience (reviews). Such a mechanism may be employed for permitting the arteries of a local area to expand, but it cannot obtain over any large area, since otherwise the total outflow of blood from the sinuses through the jugular foramen would be curtailed, which we know to be contrary to what actually occurs when the arterial pressure is raised, and which moreover would be highly detrimental, since it would cause self-strangulation of the intracranial These physical considerations lead us to expect that there cannot be any dilatation or constriction in the intracranial vessels which is comparable with that which occurs in other vascular areas, although it may take place to a degree which is Hmited by the extent to which the cerebral veins can be passively contracted or expanded without curtailment of the blood-flow. And particularly in marked oedema of the brain, so frequently seen after or complicating traumatic lesions, and as recently reported by Rawlings in"heat effects," in which the wet brain was demonstrated by subtemporal decompression and opening the dura, although in some of his cases lumbar puncture failed to reveal excess of fluid or high tension. Hence the desirability of briefly outlining what are now regarded as the essential activities of a state hospital doing its full duty. On motion it was decided to go into executive session and none but members of the Association be allowed to remain in the room.

Rapid improvement took place, and in two weeks he could with some difficulty price use a wheelbarrow, showing a marked change in his bodily equilibrium. To keep these vital nerves from being obstructed by the spinal congestion, is the most accessible means of saving the case from degenerating into this dangerous state. Health, superintendent of a hospital, nurse, midwife, and everyone in charge of a maternity hospital, every householder, and everyone in charge of a child, to see that such requirements as may be prescribed by this Act or by the regulations are duly complied with in respect of ophthalmia neonatorum, trachoma, inflammation of the eyes of the newborn, or other communicable disease of the eyes. The English physicians buy have only recently in comparison carried the depleting practice to the extent now almost universally adopted; but some of the earlier French authors were strong advocates for the advantage Highly valuable, however, as the lancet is under such a state, it may still be abused: rashness must be deprecated here as well as in other diseases; and no more blood should be taken than is sufficient to produce the effect We should be prepared to expect that a patient, after having suffered a convulsive seizure, would have no remembrance of any thing that occurred between the commencement of the attack and the time that she regained her sensibility; and we not only find this to be the case, but the disease seems frequently to wipe away all recollection of events that had happened some time before the accession of the fits, while she was perfectly conscious. And this was the great pills advance in the surgery of the century. The connecting band is comparatively long and narrow, where thus allowing considerable freedom of movement. We find "plus" analgesia of the ulnar nerve on both the right and left sides. With these depraved imaginations to furnish motives for defensive action, it is very plain to be seen how dangerous a person a drunkard may become, when governed by these delirious hallucinations, and how irresponsible they thus become for the commission of acts that are criminal when committed by persons of sane minds, placing the motives to commit illegal acts beyond the The following successful treatment was discovered by the author over twenty years ago, one that has not failed to furnish the desired relief in from twelve to twenty-four hours.


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