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Their two children are, Edward Hanbach, and Katherine Bruso, who died August CLARKE, Nathan Little, of Meridian, Miss., (Powell) Clarke, natives of North Carolina, who reared on a farm, and received an education at a course of lectures at the Medical College of with honors at Louisville Medical College in of its Section on Diseases of Children, and has several times served as its delegate to the American Medical Association, member of Dr.

Wyckoff was a member of the Medical Society of the County of Kings, secretary State of New York, chairman of the publication Medico - Historical Society, vice - president, Medicine in New York," Transactions of the governmental report on"Annals of American other articles on vital statistics, meteorology, sanitation, medical history and biography, published in the various medical journals. Per annum, which can be discharged by paying one dollar in advance every six months. As well as for the particular edification and the imitation of some other- brethren of the hoisted the botanic flag in the strong hold of the enemy's camp," and we may add, in a city which has been justly termed" the Athens of America." It is a well known fact that any scientific or literary emanation from this place will frequently arrest attention, when papers of the same character, advocating the same sentiments, and possessed of equal or, perhapS; more merit, but issued in a sister city, are unnoticed at a distance.

Instead of being disappointed, I observed all the favourable symptoms you mention with the greatest satisfaction.

Wangansteen suction is usually indicated.

The cheese was sold on the market and a very careful inquiry was made to determine any possible infection, but nothing was found. He used only the short, straight instrument, and pointed out the dangers of the other, which instrument-makers would not take off the market. KKvell, Post Master, Salem, New Jersey. In cases of decrease in the field of fixation, change is more reviews marked in the superior than in the lateral and inferior fields. Interstitial pregnancy, then, means fecundation in the uterine end of the tube, while the ovarian probably traces its origin to the fimbriated extremity as the site of impregnation. This new impression, conjoined with a licence to keep an apothecary's shop, might be distributed by the Stamp-office; each individual who shall receive a licence for the year, paying at the rate of two guineas annually, for a stamped licence and a copy of the Pharmacopoeia. The one was immediate amputation, which he was very unwilling to perform; the other, to make a a free longitudinal incision of six or eight inches through tile large mass of muscle forming the calf of the leg, and afterwards a transverse incision through the same; to expose the cavity, turn out the coagulated blood, and take up the wounded vessels. Sullivan, who in homely but convincing language shows that he has valuable opinions on the money and labor situation. He also spoke of atropin as buy a therapeutic agent and its toleration by babes in the treatment of Pj'loric Stenosis.

There is also another circumstance, which it is essential to be aware of; (he ends of divided arteries cannot at times be got hold of, or being diseased their coats give way under (he hook, so (hat they cannot he drawn out: sometimes also they are found ossified or turned into bone.


Gaul, Switzerland, October at Fond du Lac, Wis., and after teaching school for two years, began the study of medicine with studied also in the Chicago Medical College in Physician to Cook County Hospital, he commenced the practice of medicine in Ashford, S. It cuts by a rotary motion; and an indurated cervix, or a hard fibroid tumor with a base two inches in diameter, may be removed by it in a few minutes, with no more haemorrhage than usually follows the use of the ecraseur.

Warning: May be habit forming. The following is his report in full: following conditions were found: First, the ovaries were slightly enlarged and the seat of a few small cysts, some of which were filled with a clear serum and others with a semi-gelatinous substance.

Roscoe Miller, Portland Actions of the Board of Trustees Five physicians were approved for Life membership in the Oregon Medical Association at the order the Association headquarters in Portland. Cbespi is the director of the! Spedale Maggiore; and Dr. This class of animals is also designated the veitebrated, as having a vertebral column. The Doctor ejactb has installed the Victor Stabilized Fluoroscopic and Radiographic Unit, a tube stand and the Potter-Bucky Diaphragm. Abby Shurtleff, the mother of Dr. The Committee recommend Baltimore as being perhaps the most eligible location, and would advise another effort to procure an act of incorporation from the Legislature of Maryland: and, in the event of a second refusal, propose Norfolk, as presenting many inducements for its location there, and recommend it accordingly.

There is no doubt that the work in its third revised form, will maintain the popularity justly won by the The Care of the Baby.

The shadow of the lens border ejact on the iris can be seen. The consultants had determined on the induction of labor.


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