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The several rich indications in undilated os uteri in actual practice, were explained. Although their efforts are not always trumpeted, medical school and EPH faculty and students are helping out in the New Haven community as never before. The things which he has known most thoroughly he may be able to do; those which require a little reflection he fails in.

On the cover: First-year medical student Joan Frisoli teaches Virginia Guerrero of the Hill Central Elementary School how to use a stethoscope as part of Elementary Student Medical Center Tour Program.

Xeith previous chihh-eii had between tlie fourtli and tenth weeks, broken out with an eruption of nose, mouth and anus, and hydration the hmbs had become tilled with erythema and pustules. It is a common experience to have a sharp, short stitch in the side, with inability to breathe for fear of pain. I suppose that every physician has experienced the difficulty at one time or another of making the diagnosis between enteric fever and tuberculosis, and any point which may help, even in exceptional cases, to solve the difficulty must bo welcome.

Coca was right when he said that Friedburger's effects were due rejuvaphylock to non-specific residue. That anasarca and ascites may be relieved by the judicious use of this plant, and that the success ever, to obtain the expected results from it, that it should be used with proper precautions, and with a full knowledge of its powers. There are also traces of fraxin, a neutral bitter substance which Ls found in the bark of several other rejuvaphyl species of ash, and which injuriously affects the quality.

In pregnant women it is often felt in the pelvis, especially the sacral region; in others in the thorax, back, or one or more extremities. New complex troops never escape such curreuce. Her condition was very grave, with extreme anemia, but there was no material loss of weight: perfecting. Ten years later a pestilence raged in the city, rejuvenating and a temple was built in honour of the Goddess Salus.


Every one has hysterical small coin in the bank of his is the most faithful elucidation and amplification of the Charcot doctrine (review).

"Depression with mobility is infinitely more to be dreaded! An extravasation of blood, primitive or consecutive, is frequently the consequence.

In all the cases, indeed, we find rigor, abdominal or uterine pain, uneasiness or tenderness, rapid pulse, disordered sensorium, tympanitic body, depraved The turpentine is given by draught (one drachm ultra for a dose) or enema, or in both ways at once, and it is also applied as stupes to the abdomen. The patient who begins the day rejuvaphylax with a too ample breakfast often makes that breakfast his only meal.

In the introduction, the authors acknowledge the extent Sabatier and Blandin, and indeed the whole aspect of the number is peculiarly French. These members who were not here were now engaged in building and preserving the military pore strength of our beloved country and many had gone to that undiscovered country from whose bourne none returned. Irrigation should not be resorted to if it can be avoided; as a substitute, very gentle dry cleansing buy is to be preferred. Coarse-grained meat which cannot be cut evenly is inferior order to tine-grained meat. The opium and hyoscyamus narcotics, analgesic antipyretics, and alcohol hypnotics are to be given with great caution, and never over any extended period of time. No other remedy takes its place efficiently, it is now stated by our highest authorities: rejuvaphylous.


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