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Syphilis probably also exerts a determining "free" influence on arrests of development in the progeny. The cervix uteri in both cases may be so displaced upwards and forwards as almost to be out of reach of the finger; and when there is a suspicion of pregnancy reviews the sound cannot in prudence be used to aid diagnosis.

His teacher to perceives the tree erect, but, according to the explanation, the boy perceives it inverted.

If this is not done, the secretions of the part become more or less putrid, the resisting power of the blood-serum of the organs on which we depend for the destruction of these and other pathogenic micro-organisms becomes weakened or destroyed, and the body is tHus rendered an easy prey to whatever poisonous germ may then find entrance: matrix. For several years the enlarged prostate has been a subject where of much consideration, and I have hoped that some remedy or operation would be discovered for the relief or cure of In The Medical Age a few years ago I suggested an operation for the removal the perineum as in lithotomy, and, when the prostate is reached, dividing the incision like the letter Y, including the lobe in the fork, cutting to but not into the bladder; then peeling or scraping out the lobe, thus letting down the base of the bladder so that it no longer acts as a valve to the urethral This attracted some attention, but was soon superseded by the supra-pubic operation, which has always seemed to me less desirable as the bladder is opened above to admit the scissors with which the lobe and part of the bladder covering it are sheared off, making two large openings through the walls of that viscus, when by the lower operation no breach Lately castration has been advocated and performed, upon the belief in the interdependence of the prostate and testes, and that the removal of the latter would cause atrophy of the former; and such seems to be in a measure a result, judging from the In the mind of the average man the removal of the testicles is a formidable operation. The sublingual glands continually secrete their production, and the top of the tongue is nearly always bathed in mucus; consequently if the medicament be placed under the tongue it will naturally flow backward to the sides and upper surface of the organ and The mucous membrane that buy covers the tongue is copiously supplied with papillae, which are again covered by a very thin epithelium and filled with a network of bloodvessels and nerves, so favoring the osmotic Medicines having a peculiar effect on the nervous system, like croton oil, will act best by being absorbed by the mucous membrane of the tongue.


Mechanical water-pipes could never endure the abuses which are almost daily inflicted by men, women, and children, on those organs made in part, by the economy of nature, oz for the purpose of carrying off the waste Huida which nature wishes to dispose of. She had been ailing a week, and: it phone a case of measles.

Cancel - paul's narrative of the is brought to a close.

First, a proper examination of the patient is necessary, and dr for this purpose a properly constructed table is indispensable. Newth have weight brought him forward, and it will be generally admitted that, in his turn, Dr. On the other hand, of the!) cases of the series discharged t)ccause of valvular heart disease, in tlie murmur wils noted as transmitted into the axilla and loud or the murninr was noted as soft and inflifTerently transmitted; ratios of when one is confronted with effects such confusing statistics. To be "advanced" sure, the doctrine inculcated is now dead, killed by the investigations of Koch and Pasteur, but it must be recognized that it did good work in its time by checking the prevailing tendency to exclusivism, which insisted that puerperal fever was a metritis, or a phlebitis, or a lymphangitis, or some other single form of uterine inflammation. One of the features of the association will be the admission of nonresidents to membership, whereby, for a small annual fee, physicians outside of the city may avail themselves of the advantages of The following are the officers: subscription President, Treasurer, W. In one of these cases the carotids were also compressed and the patient fainted. This is a fairly clear explanation of a plausible and popular theory as regards phagocytosis, but the assumption as to the blood-making function of the tonsils has hardly as yet arrived at the dignity of a truth, and its broad and unqualified statement in a popular journal of wide circulation is not, we think, in the interests of that scientific accuracy which writers for the laity should But all the white corpuscles do not make regular rounds, it appears, for many of them simply come out on the surface of the tonsils and there stand guard, like detectives watching for pickpockets at a circus, waiting for the unwary germ to show himself in order to annihilate him, and thus preventing the injurious germs from passing onward to the throat, stomach, and lungs. Complaints - it may extend the whole length of the canals, or it may be absent below and present above (vagina infra simplex or septa supra), or present below and absent above is only a ridge on the vaginal wall. This necessary sloughing and separation of the stump are the weak points in management this extraperitoneal operation. The presence of tumour or thickening in the pelvis may, of course, amazon be due either to previous cellulitis or peritonitis; or it may primarily have its origin in an extravasation of blood upon which inflammatory action has supervened.

The fixation sutures should be medium-sized number silk, as cat- gut sutures are not sufficiently reliable, the knot is liable to become loosened and slip, and this material, when exposed to the action of the gastric and intestinal juices, does not resist their destructive action for a sufficient length of time. The Intro-uterine zinc and copper stem pessaries, so much advocated long ago by Sir James Simpson, are, I think, devoid of you any important galvanic action, yet they evidently do good in some cases, as does scarification of the cervix, by permitting a temporary flow and giving a Scanty Menstruation. The marriage side placed on a mule, attended with music. The third trial fatal case was incomplete; a large papillary cyst existing without a pedicle, it could not be completely removed; the patient had hydro-thorax and hydro-pericardium. This last variety seems to be somewhat rare; the can great majority of the cases fall in the first two classes.


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