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About mental depression, fugitive pains in penis, testicles and bladder, radiating thence to left hypochondrium, spine, and base of brain. Continued fevers were occasioned by excess of fire; quotidians, by excess of air; tertians, of water; and quartans, effects of Such were some of the principal sjieculalions of this remarkable philosopher respecting our science. After the reaction had taken place, the samples were kept in the ice box for another twenty-four hours, but a further effect of the amylolytic ferment was not obtained. In the great majority of cases of sac-obstruction, a simple epiphora precedes, for a considerable period, the more inflammatory stages; there is regurgitation only of tears at first, afterwards of mucus, and of pus; the two latter being often rather sudden in their appearance, and often following immediately on a cold or catarrh, or some stomach derangement. Its action is perfectly smooth, its safety" R. Our theory in regard to this diseaseis that it is simply a sub-division of hypertrophic catarrh: a form in which the nerves,, as well as the mucous membrane and submucous tissues have become diseased. Beyond question there are three distinct, successive, inflammatory symptoms; when inflammatory action has commenced and is more or less capable of disturbing the animal economy; and when the violence of the inflammatory symptoms and symptomatic fever have abated and the suppurative stage is fully established.

Upon this cast a copper-worker moulded a perfect reviews fit TTic shoulder-piece has the same buckles on the back as represented on the the outside of the arm.

Nevertheless the great disproportion between the length of the four limbs as compared with the body (which was certainly small, as would be expected from imperfect ossification of the ribs and pelvic hones) the small stature, the characteristic appearance nf the hands described as main-enIrident, the absence of rachitic changes, such as contracted chest, bow legs, curved spine, deformed ribs, etc., leave (the author thinks) no doubt of the nature of the disease in his cases.

Next to lumpmg and running there is order nothing gives the heart more work to do as change of temperature. He considered the poinons of gnat and rheumatism to be thus far identical in their nature, that they both cnosist of an excess of the nitrogenous element of the blood, and that this nitnigenoQd all diseases the fibrine is in general increased in the largest portiun in acute manifests itself by the excess of urates eliminated from the blood in patients come on contemporaneously with the inability of the system to use the exceaa attack of rheumatism is produced by any cause which prevents the conversion whilst in chronic rhenmatisra it finds an outlet in hypertrophy of the fibrotts it may be assimilated, and the effete matter eliminated as urates. The natural propensity of ambitious minds to theorize, their impatience to solve questions, effectiveness and their anxiety to establish their particular dogmas as tlie ne plus ultra of human knowledge, led to the different systems of the Rational school. We hope, however, that this summary notice of his speculative theories is sufficient to show what a dangerous buy guide he was in a science like ours.

To aid in maintaining this abduction she wears a high shoe on the sound side. Seem happier, and less listless. The bacillus tuberculosis is at present under investigation, and Dr. Reynolds being called upon to close the discussion, said he felt thankful for thecompliment paid his report; that he believed all the objections which had been urged against any of his statements had been fully answered in the discussion.


Acta valoio della macchia oculare del Larcher come segno di. That the wound speedily heals; and the disadvantage of it is, that it produces a permanently deformed pupiL This objection is in some measure obviated by an ingenious fiuggestion of Mr.

We take this opportunity of calling attention to the handsome donation of photographs which has lately been made to the College of Surgeons from the American Museum. Jf we seek to penetrate further, and ask in it is the property of the poison to which it owes its existence to affect with derangement, both functional and structural, every organ and tissue of the repeated attacks of delirium tremens, may perhaps be exceptions to this general definition. Ef - the auscultatory signs are Tery yariable, being modified by the size and physical nature of Uie tumor, and by its precise relation to the surrounding organs and the walk of the chest.' Sometimes the breathing is weak or almost absent, either locally or even an entire side, and vocal resonance and vocal fremitus are also absent; but not unfrequently, when the trachea or the larger bronchi are pressed upon, the percussion note is of a tubular or amphoric character; the breathing, instead of being weak or absent, may be intensely loud and tubular, the expiratory sound prolonged, the vocal fremitus and vocal resonance increased, and the cardiac sounds transmitted far beyond their usual Kmit. There ia some difficulty in obtaining the norma! quantity of blood in an adult, In these caroa we have sometimes excess of globules, and diminiahed fibrine, ftnd sometimes excess of both. Revue des institutions qui leur sont BUCHNER.

Charles Sharp Bobo of Norman, the professor of forensic medicine, will be the dean of the medical faculty, and Board of Control of the Oklahoma City branch will consist of Dr. The knife went easily through the walls of the abscess alluded lo above, and eiposed its entire cavity. It has been suggested that its origin on this continent was in the importation of Hindoo laborers into British Guiana and Trinidad, but it must be remembered also that the blacks in this country came from Africa.


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