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The success which lias attended these cases, and also the many instances of repair of bladders wounded during laparotomy, have gone far to establish the rule laid down by Sir. The contracture only attacks the upper limb when the sclerosis of the lateral columns does not extend beyond the superior regions of the spinal cord, but it affects the lower limb if the sclerosis attacks the lumbar region. The dry substance may also be used to disinfect "where" excreta.

Septicaemia treated with antistreptococcic serum Sevestre, leucocytosis in scarlet fever Smith and Worthington, cases from wards Sore throats among nurses, diphtheria bacillus, in series of Streptomycosis or user septicaemia treated with antistreptc Tooth, H.

It is a nuisance, of course, to put a stomach-tube down the throat occasionally and wash out the stomach, but With reference to the dangers or difficulties in passing the tube, I have read of them, but never saw anything of the kind whatsoever. Frank, of Berlin, uses a nozzle with an to entirely flat point for very sensitive cases with exceedingly small The solutions are used warm. N'ote dosage on the Value of Ehrlich's Reaction in the Diagnosis of Enteric Fever, By Herbert J.

All the Provinces of the Dominion, with the exception of Manitoba and British Columbia, were stores well represented.


Another, that may be kept on hand and ready This will dry in about two hours, and becomes Starch, glue, a solution of shellac in alcohol (often styled shellac varnish), plaster-of-Paris, silicate of soda, are or have been employed for Dr. But, as Issaeff has shown, the introduction of diverse substances in the cavity leads the fluid to become rapidly clear; the leucocytes become broken degeneration "in" and dissolution.

There buy is an able discussion on the etiology of the disease, by Dr. When you write to one of these Advertisers, please always state that you saw the Advertisement in THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER. Anilin causes the formation of methemoglobin, and poisoning may take place through the skin or the lungs: natrolex. Writing, as we have said, is but the conventional union of a certain number of signs.

There is found a still further improvement in hearing, which is now So much progress has recently l)Oen made in the study, liotli physiologicalh' and anatomically, of the nervous system that I venture to think that this short paper, dealing with the important subject of the nervous system of respiration, will not be out of place (best).

The result has been case of dysmenorrhoea, confirmed masturbation and have persisted.

The relationship between human somatology and anatomy combined with physiology in one word, biology ought therefore, it seems to me, to be purchase free from all obscurity. Otherwise he has been well and bed, a twitching in the muscles of the right thigh, which has never ceased, has extended to the other leg, and has involved the muscles below the knee.

In the last epidemic previously to the war, when "customer" the that the majority of the cases occurred in the neighbourhood of a sewer, which had formerly been the town ditch and ran through the native into the business quarters. They canada are usually attached to the mucous membrane by a thin stalk, occasionally by a sessile base. The rupture in this case was probably caused by the violent conlractious of the bladder when the exit of the urine through the urethra was obstructed, aud was undoubtedly due to the giving away of some thinwalled diverticulum, or hernial pouch of mucous membranes, projecting between the bundles of the liyjierirophied muscular coat. Other comphcations are dependent on the nephritis, or march side by side with it: oedema of the lungs and of the brain; effusions into the pleura, the peritoneum, and the pericardium; hypertrophy and fibrosis of the heart; mihary aneurysms, cerebral and retinal haemorrhage; lesions of the liver, secondary infections, pneumonia, suppuration, and gangrene, are complications which may be present and which may modify the complex symptomatology of Bright's When these symptoms are present, the albuminuria is of minor importance, and, therefore, the names" albuminuric dyspnoea,"" convulsions," and" retinitis" are bad. These two facts price are extremely suggestive of the of that condition. And as the best nurses will always have the greatest demand it will serve as an incentive for the others to attain as high a degree of excellence as the best, and for these to attain a The plan is amazon well worthy of the patronage of the profession, as it surely will obtain that of the public.


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