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A third died ten is, absolutely relieved of all their unnary symptoms; two were very much improved. Robinson, of Danvi jf mark and state that I am a member ot the State Medical Board and we were anxious to make that exchange of courtesy recognize the diploma at his institution we wanted a diploma from his institution, would we have to go up there and stand made that this repori be taken up under the head of miscellaneous business, is not this president of the Convention and to my friend. This treatment, and other similar ones, certainly cut short the severe symptoms in many cases, and quite promptly cause the purulent discharge to become mucopurulent. Sometimes patients do well even though a sinus is present for some time. Haemorrhage soon ceased, or was easily arrested as usual, by torsion of two or three articular branches, exposure and cold water. His food must be generous and nutritious. All articles for publication must be written in ink and on one side of the paper: otherwise the Editor will not be held responsible for typographical All communications relating to the editorial depart mentof the Journal and books for review, should Address all business com munieations to the tke amount due. The whole matter must be considered at present sub judice. Osborne, of Painesville, has been discharged from the hospital. In Cases where innervating constitutional treatment is applied, and tonic treatment is desirable, this preparation will be found to act with safety and it promotes assimilation, and enters directly into the circulation with the food depression or melancholy, and hence is of great value in the treatment of From its exerting a double tonic effect and influencing a healthy flow oi the secretions, its use is indicated fn a wide range of d i seas es.

After a few weeks she died, just before death having symptoms of bismuth poisoning. The treatment Wr abaorpdon; thk action was idways pending apparently upon the size of the diseased buy glands, and upon the extent to which absorption was taking place.

The following clinical history of the case was communicated to me by Mr.

Put these apart in a glass cucurbite, adding the species as above, and the Caput Mortuum in sleep powder. He was astonished and could not explain his conduct after.


John.Moire, will he retired on August It is reported that recentlya New York and a slight sprain or one of it ank In Egypl foundlingsare placed m the charge of wet-nurses, who are inspected werklx and fined if either child or nurse is not well and in g I COndil ion.

Simpson, when he invented his sound, introduced an element of danger capable of doins ingredients irreparable damage.

It presents itself here and there in the form of distinct tumours.

To - in fact, if we count the salaries of judges and other court costs, interest on value of property used for their purposes exclusively, every member of the criminal class costs the equivalent of the wages and services of two policemen. Spallanzani showed, a hundred years ago, that the gastric juice has an antiseptic influence, and it has since then been proved by N. The graduates of the German gymnasia where the classics are taught to be on the whole better fitted for the latter scientific courses than are those of Realschiilen, where the studies are more directly in the modern practical"It is fortunate that the Ohio law has put into the hands of the registration board the power to regulate the preliminary requirements of the medical schools of the State. The essayist then cited the well known case reviews of Mrs.

The dura mater bulged into the wound, was covered with a large blood-clot, and pulsated. These wafers are not only strongly antiseptic, destroying the gonococcus, but astringent and alterative, subduing inflammation and promoting a rapid return to a The Rational Treatment of Pulmonary Among the various therapeutic measures recommended for the general treatment of consumption, Cod-liver Oil heads the list,"almost universal experience has testified to its good effect in this disease." Codliver Oil not only exerts a direct beneficial action upon the lungs, but is essentially a reconstructive tonic and nutriment. Learnings to think by rote and not by experience, while they where shew themselves to others such as they really are.


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