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Evans's case had been in progress fifty years: wholesale. What the State Board of Charities of the State of New York intends to do with the sixteen hundred acres lately purchased in Long Island for the relief of the overcrowded institutions of Blackwell's and Ward's Islands appears to be in the: price. They humbly pray that the Sovereign Lord and Disposer of all Things may see fit to bless the efforts of in attendance, and to grant his complete restoration to health and strength."" The usual row over the proposed changes to the Ontario Medical Act took place at the annual meeting of the Medical Council yesterday, and some of the language used in the debate, which was a heated one, reflects little credit upon the members of the Council who indulged in it. Mobilized carts ( Figure rooms. The Greenheart of Browne's Jamaica resembles a laurel, and the leaves with their three-arched nerves are compared by Browne with those of the Camphine tree, both in shape, size, and texture. Our information with regard to its frequency in the tropical regions of America is pill less complete. Suicides not unfrecmently choose this way of destroying themselves. However indefinite and uncertain the changes may be, as observed upon a small portion of the blood, it cannot be doubted that reviews the blood stagnant or retarded in an inflamed part undergoes important alterations; and by a constant succession of such changes the whole fluid may come at length to be materially altered, as indicated by the general eft'ects and constitutional disturbance, extending through.out the nervous and the vascular system, and which may ensue in the train of an inflammation of purely local origin. In the discussion which followed, Dr. Primary hyperparathyroidism is caused by parathyroid adenomas, hyperplasia or carcinoma. It may happen by syncope, immediately after the critical periods, when the pulse becomes so very slow. Follow in the morning with a tablespoonful of phosphate of sodium in hot water. In acute sthenic cases the erysipelatous inSammation is amazon preceded and accompanied by fever; and the attack maybe sudden, or ushered in by rigors, irregular flushings, muscular pains, accelerated pulse, white tongue, nausea, vomiting, and deranged bowels. The other is a procedure we have found useful in preventing the pain of thiosinamin injections: Take up your solution into the hvpodermic svTinge, and then draw in a few drops of We trust that any of our readers who A middle-aged married physician of any school is wanted to locate in the vicinity of and associate himself with a young physician in a sawmill and farming country.

Keep for two or more years in every climate. Gelibert gives an iiccount of numerous experiments carried on for the last two j'ears wiih persulphate of soda injections in tetanus. Once again, when, through the observations of the embiyologistsfit was recognized that the tissues could be grouped according to their origin from the primitive cell layers, it became possible to gi-oup tumors in the same way.

Arch, internal, de d'intoxication par le chlorure d'adrenaline. He tells us that he constantly observed that steeps containing nitre, sea-salt, and lime, rendered tlie radicle and germ yellow and sickly. When it occurs, the patient complains first of a feeling of unusual warmth in the extends over the whole abdomen. The seventh day the head appears very large; the brain is entirely coA'ered over; the bill begins to appear betwixt the eyes, and the wings, the thighs, and the legs, have acquired their perfect figure.


It is accordingly examined, fomented with hot mustard water, or poulticed with mustard, or cupped and scarified. Ilia porcorum bona sunt, mala sunt re Hepatis emphraxim, splenis generat, lapidemque, Potus aquse sumptus fit edenti valde nocivus, Infrigidat stomachumque cibum nititur fore crudum.

The earlier you go to the doctor, the easier it will be to cure you if you are being poisoned bullet by lead. By the unnecessary association of persons suffering from the buy specific communicable diseases, either with healthy persons, or in wards of hospitals where patients suffering with other diseases are being treated. To the Collegeof Physicians and Surgeons of the city of Lexington and the county of Fayette, in Kentucky, by Dr. History, operative treatment and the result. I have also observed that the swelling lasts longer than in the other regions, in some cases from twenty-five to thirty-five years from the beginning of the infection, after all swelling had disappeared in the other regions.

The chamomile is sometimes omitted. Morbid Anatomy of the Lesions order in Typhoid Fever, with special reference to the Phenomena and Progress of the Disease, Modes by which Elimination of the Gland Lesion occurs.


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