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Twelve fatal cases have been reported, the primary cause of death usually being an ulcerative colitis. This methodshcdi always be secondary, however, to a radical opciaiia when it will be allowed. The method of inoculation is varied. Nevertheless it would be wrong to infer that no danger is to be apprehended from the use of foul water. A careful examination of the cardiac region failed to show anything abnormal, except a slight innocuous murmur, probably functional in character. And it is known by them, that have looked into the art of glais, that the artificers ufed to tinge their glafs blue with that dark mineral zaribra (fome of my trials on which I elfewherc acquaint you) which fome would have to be a mineral earth, others of ftone, and others neither the one nor the other, but which is confeffedly of a dark, but not a blue colour, though it be not agreed of what particular colour it is (reviews). A miasmatic disease is an ectogenous disease, the contagium of which is volatile.

This, as I faid, PxropbiluSy fcems to be the chymical reafon of this experiment j that is, fuch a reafon, as, fuppofing the truth of thofe chymical notions I have elfewhere I hope evinced, may price give fuch an account of the phenomena as chymical notions can fupply us with: but I both here and elfewhere make ufe of this way of Speaking, to intimate that I am fufficicndy aware of the difference betwixt a chymical in our prefent cafe, I tell you fomething, when I tell you that the yellowncfs of the mercurial folution, and the oil of tartar, is produced by the precipitation occafioned proceeds from the diffipation of that curdled matter, whofe texture is deftroyed, and which is diflblved into minute and invifible particles by the potently acid menftruum: which is the rcafon, why there remains no fediment in the bottom, becaufc the infufed oil takes it up, and refolves it into hidden or invifible parts, as water docs fait or fugar. How vivid the picture! How easily we recognize that is used nine times when it should not be used once. Other forms of local irritation may act in much the same manner; thus herpes preputialis, the retention of smegma behind the corona until a balanitis has been established, scrotal eczema, fissure, and hemorrhoids have all been advanced as causative agencies in the production of spermatorrhoea. The blood vessels supplying the lower are allowed to ingredients lie in their normal bed. The larvae are flat and elongated, white segments, which are furnished with numerous spines (hence the name" denticulatum"). You may tell them too, if you please, that the malaria of the correspondent and casual visitor covers some one or more of the great variety of excesses which prudent people should not commit. Will any one claim that there were no surgical dressings on these ships? Yrilow Fever is said to prevail at San Juan, Porto Rico, but the report lacks official confirmation.


Post of Boston, on Rachitis by Dr. A month or two later, however, when the influenza attacked the town, the epidemic promptly seized upon the household, and ran through it. A superficial observer will say, such an excellent workman must necessarily command patronage. The opium is dissolved in cherry-laurel water and the mass is uniformly dampened with the solution. He could not indorse the opinion that"fibroids kill as surely as, though more slowly than, cancer." The conditions which in his opinion called for operation were pressure symptoms, sloughing, pain, hemorrhage, inability of the patient to work, and rapid growth of the tumor. We have made a thorough investigation and believe the company to be reliable and to be doing satisfactory work for its clients (buy).

While the examination is a necessary evil, our present system tends to encourage a broader system of education than could be expected where teaching aims solely The function of a course of systematic lectures, we hold, is different from that of a text-book. Some, but by no means all, rabid horses are aggressive to mankind and become seized with an irresistible impulse to bite and kick.

We then find sinuous ulcers with a central cavity (crateriform ulcers), from which a purulent, lymph-like, tenacious secretion discharges. The patient must be instructed to avoid exertion, succussion and the like; his diet should be regulated with a view toward increasing the fat of the body.

It is, however, not only disease in the cow whicli may be conveyed. If the urine be allowed to stand in a warm place for two or three days it becomes clouded by the growth of bacteria, to which reference has been made.


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