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The pressure of side the tumor produced constipation and impaction, and the cause was overlooked on account of the symptoms. Take a good square look at him, will you?" But, that is the way the Catholics see him; we do n't see him in that light." What do"From the Bible." Their ideas must have been correct, then?"I think they must have been." Didn't the Protestants get their religion from the Roman Catholics?" I have n't read history enough to be able to answer you." But, does n't the Westminster confession of faith teach that"every act of an unregenerate man is sinful"?"Yes." What is an unregenerate man?"A man who is a' natural' man." Is a kind-hearted, benevolent man a natural or an unnatural man?"He is unregenerated if he has not been converted." Converted to what?" Well, I think he must join some church, or go through some'experience.'" What experience?"Well, I think he must feel that he has been born again." Do you think John Calvin ever had that experience?"I think he must have had." Do n't you think he was better satisfied with his"experience" after Michael Servitus, a"Protestant heretic," was burnt at the stake, and he believed that after his body had been roasted in the fire God stood ready to catch his soul and plunge it into a hotter fire to all eternity?" These are grave theological questions, and I fear you must be a little skeptical." Every act of an unregenerate man is sinful, is n't it?"So the Westminster confession of faith teaches and proves it by the Bible." You see that church deacon ever there, do n't you?" Yes, I see him." Do you see that widow standing before him and presenting her bill of twenty-eight cents for washing his windows?" Yes, I see her." Do you see he only pays her twenty-five cents and cheats her out of three cents, telling her he can not make the exact change?"Yes, I see him." Is that a crime?"Well, I Ihink he ought to have paid her the three cents in postage stamps, as she did the work cheap." How is he to atone for this crime?" By repentance and not even pay her back three cents; is he to go to hell for all eternity?"The blood of Christ can only cleanse from all sin." Do you see that man over there carrying two sacks of flour on his back go to hell to all eternity if he does n't repent of his sin?"I see no escape for him." If the blood of Christ can wash out the deacon's robbery of the widow, why could n't it wash out the sin of giving her the flour? Has God any houses here?"We regard all church buildings as houses of God." Do you include Catholic, Greek, and Mormon churches?"No, I except them." Does God have anything to do with fires?"Yes, with the fires of hell." Whence come tornadoes and lightning?"From God, of course." Your churches burn down sometimes, do they not?" Of course they do." Lightning strikes them sometimes and tornadoes shiver them into oven wood.

Is it any wonder that traders look upon nine-tenths cf the people as thieves? And is n't it strange that while clergymen devote so much time to worthless abstractions, that tickle"itching ears," they have so little to say about slander, gossip, lying, and stealing? It is the duty of parents to teach these things to their children at home.

Her wound was dressed daily, all bad odor soon disappeared, and it was almost closed when last seen; but the patient still suffers from vertigo, still has a marked facial paralysis, and a small opening from the wound communicates with the external canal. Having examined patient I decided that it was poor elimination due to cold and biliousness, I gave her some eliminative treatment and an iron tonic with some digestive ferments; asked that she report in a few days if not doing satisfactorily, and also to send me the quantity of urine voided in twenty-four hours and a sample of same.

This inoculation was followed by no reviews lesion, either local or anywhere else.


The patient on account of her age, she being at or near the menopause, usually attributes this to the change of life, thinking it to be one of the attendant symptoms. Fancy that red was peculiarly obnoxious to evil spirits, the mother who ties a red coral with silver bells round infant's neck is probably unaware that she is perpetuatini ancient superstitious practice, for coral was supposed b)' soothsayers to have mystic propertieSj and was believe ward off the evil eye and to drive away devils atid evil sp while the bells were originallY intended, not to ingredients amuse the child as with us, but to frighten away the demons and hobgoblins who would otherwise molest it. Treatise on the glandular effects system. Every general practitioner should keep fresh in his mind the principles of surgery, and he should be as surgically clean as is the abdominal surgeon, for he never knows when an emergency will forbid his passing the responsibility to the specialist, and force upon him the opportunity to save a It is extremely seldom that the difficult and dangerous surgical operations can not wait for the surgeon to be called, and it is equally seldom that emergency surgery is of such technical nature that the good general practitioner can not meet the requirements of the case with less danger to the patient than would be involved by waiting for the surgeon; therefore, I consider emergency surgery a part of general practice, and in the country districts and towns too small to support the"Simon-pure" surgeon circumstances so demand. When an operation is unavoidable, but not immediately necessary, the patient should be prepared for it by cutting down or withdrawing the stimulant. Most lesions of the pelvic bones have a direct effect on the uterus, that is, they cause a passive congestion of the uterus. Much larger doses may be given with impunity.

Schneider, MD, West Allis Richard H. Ringer, however, in the passage quoted above, evidently indicates" convulsion" as the essentially important complication, whereas in the case which I have reported above, convulsion was but an epiphenomenon of a meningitis already established, and indicated by the headache, delirium and vomiting, which That this was the true pathological relation was, I think, demonstrated by the effect of remedies, more especially of the ergot, which I am persuaded would not have prevented the repetition of the convulsion, as it did,, had that been other than a secondary lesion. Beef-tea (the melted fat being carefully skimmed off) is permissible in any quantity, and so, also, toast and water.

For my clinical reader I have but one deduction from all this histological work, and that is, in his operations on carcinoma, to make a clean sweep of all tissues that seem infiltrated in the slightest degree. But at that time I was much younger; things that seemed to me of great and vital importance then seem to me of little or no importance now: buy. Maybe it's our bareknuckle stance in protecting your reputation from frivolous claims. He received five wounds and carried to the grave these honorable marks of records of tlie North Carolina troops.


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