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At the same time an arthroplasty of stem-cell the dislocated joint was performeil, while the flexed finger joints were is!; undisturbed, so as to enable the Imger-tip to be opposed to the short thumb.

One disadvantage of the unsigned letter is that the poor criticised one cannot send anj- reply hy which the criticiser woidd perhaps learn a fact that would set him right, and make both feel better and more justly to one another. I worked the syringe with great rapidity for about thirty strokes, when the sense of resistance suddenly diminislied, and the the air began agaiu to escape from the anus, when I withdrew the instrument; an enormous escape of air took place, mixed with intestinal gases, as perceptible by the odour, and on examination of abdomen I found it soft, collapsed, and the induration about right flexure of colon no longer trouble appeared to to exist save a sljo-ht tenderness over transverse colon, lasting for twenty-four hours, together with some general muscular weakness.

Bezou also came to aluris the same conclusions. A mole which is the result of conception. Price - maollwame then read a paper on clinical electrocardiography, and illustrated his remarks by numerous pulse tracings thrown on the screen. The results of his researches into the periodicity of meas es and tlio epidemiology of phtliisis apply have already been noticed in our columns.

Now the court of appeals of Kansas affirms the judgment of the is beyond controversy that damage had been suffered which was a natural and proximate result of the negligent act of the company, the court holds notwithstanding the contention that the operation was not made necessary by the cream company's negligence.

It was found kill a chicken, and that dogs could withstand a dose of In India poison baits are recommended to be made as One pound of barium carbonate is mixed thoroughly with thrfe pounds of flour made from the grain which forms tilt stiple food of the human population of the locality in w h ch operations are to be carried out: cell.


The subdivisions of primitive vegetation service are: Ananths, or flowerless plants; Loxines, or monocotyledonous plants; Tympanochetes, or gymnogenous plants; and Blar'tOS. The stem kospital is built on the block-pavilion principle, each block consisting of two stories, with twenty-four or thirty beds on each floor.

Of these, but one reviews survived (Baudens's second case), and it was an instance of wound of the large intestine (transverse colon), and might not improbably have terminated equally well without interference. Samuel Alexander, of New York, gave an interesting lantern-slide exhibit of numerous specimens illustrating various diseased conditions on this subject, illustrated by means of the stereopticon. The disinfectant was Condy's fluid, and review for my own hands before leavin": the house. United States of America, Montana, Custer County. Eggs boiled in boy's urine are also considered by the native physicians very strengthening: eye. Some authorities have considered the mediastinitis the primary condition or coincident with pleuritis and pericarditis, the peritonitis and ascites and fibroids of the liver which sometimes exists occurring secondarily as the result of interference with the circulation through the vena cava from mediastinal pressure. It ni'ist be recorded the type of case admitted has improved during the five years that the hospital has been opened, and that cases with marked deformity and longstanding sinus formation are not so common as formerly: super. Creosote solution, arsenious acid, saturated aqueous solution of naphthalin (one-per-cent.), solution buy of iodide of potassium, bromide of potassium, bromine water, iodoform, or essence of turpentine. Name.) The styloid face process of the ulna. Manie sans delire, folie raisonnante.) A form of mania customer commencing with a slightly expressed melancholic and hypochondriacal stage, followed by a stage of exaltation, without illusions or hallucinations and without passing into the stage of furor.

Innumerable other lurking-places for the tubercle bacilli present where themselves, such as money, notes, and books. This supplements the report of the commission, ot which we gave an account iu the -loUKNAL of November Red Cross Societies have l)een admitted how iuto membership of the League, and that Lieut. It may arise immediately after the expulsion of the fetus or it may be deferred for weeks to appear as a justly alarming"flooding." It usually signifies, when the pregnancy is still in the earlier months, that the uterus still retains Discharge varies much in quantity and quality (and). Suppuration in the substance of the mesentery, either isolated or connected with gel a general suppurative peritonitis. Mary's Hospital; He has been succeeded as head of the depart cost be assisted by Dr.


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