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I have examined them for the common contaminants of wine; to wit: Sulphurous acid and sulphites, salicylic acid, fuchsin, lead salts, etc., none of which I found I have also determined their alcoholic strength, extractives, and ashes, and found them to correspond strictly in this respect with the standard of pure and natural wines, which cannot be said of many of the imported wines. If primary union is missed there is a dreadful sequence in the contracting scar, requiring third bad feature of the total excisiou operations is the difficulty of their performance. An extract of the flesh gave, in addition to urea, large amounts of kreatinin and uric acid, and a small quantity of xanthin, Liebig also found uric acid in the flesh of Virchow has described the occurrence in the muscles and connective tissues of a pig of a substance which he determined to be probably guanin (see Guanin), a nitrogenous body of the xanthin series.


That numerous theories of the etiology of this condition have been put forth other "arthcare" than the above will be seen later. Oil - these are always preceded by a right hemianopsia. We notice this tendency in the recent writings of those who are making a special study of mental derangements, the influence of physical disorders and autotoxins in their relation to these affections being particularly insisted upon, and it is with this conviction that I am led to contribute my experience in the diagnosis and treatment of amcebic dysentery, which it has been proved is caused by the presence of the amceba dysenteriae in the intestinal canal.

The anterior chamber is, and becomes more and moi'e, shallow, and the pupil, which is at first of medium size and acting sluggishly, is soon more and more dilated, and becomes immovable: morpheme. The diagnosis once satisfactorily established, many physicians may argue tliat surgical intervention is unnecessary, that in the fulness of time the growth of the cystic tumor will cease, and may spontaneously disappear. Hitherto, experiments have yielded results by no means that in the present state of our knowledge, the view of Dr. " Not a case of this disease has ever occurred within my knowledge, except with the drinkers of narcotic drinks (referring to tea and coffee), and not a case has failed of being cured on the entire renunciation of those drinks. The absence in almost all cases of obvious obstruction at the pylorus, and the fact that a similar paralytic distention of the intestines is a not uncommon phenomenon after abdominal operations and in peritonitis, have served to support this view; as has also the experimental work of Carion and Hallion.

The disease in man gives rise to the following symptoms: Slight fever for one or two days, with headache, where malaise, sleeplessness, and loss of appetite; the mouth is hot and dry, and the tonsils and submaxillary glands swollen. Lamb or veal, as a knuckle of beef can be used in preparing the broth or stock, if you choose, in place of the veal or lamb. BOUDAULT'S PEPSINE is prepared in the form of Pepsine Acid and Pepsine Neutral. When light, make into rusk the size of a hen's egg, stick a hole in the center of each, of an egg beaten with sugar, and bake. Finally, even chorea, hysteria, and epilepsy are brought into intimate connection with vertical squint; in diabetes (?) and cyclical albuminuria the connection is also suspected. " In most cases there is no stage of insanity wbich demands ndore assiduous care and watchfulness than when the brain begins to free itself from the diseased action under which it has been sufiering, and is returning to the so as to promote the advance of convalescence after disease has been arrested and improvement commenced, requires no little tact and discrimination. The subject of whey modifications has been considerably elaborated and their use is advocated as preferable to cereal attenuants. 'which caused nluco-purulent expectoration, and likewise of night sweats.

He gives a large number of instances of combined aortic and mitral lesions with careful pulse tracings, and in none does the mitral insufficiency influence in the least the typical collapsing quality. The same reviews thing may follow an incised wound of the testicle. Tilbury Fox, whose essay is extrinsic pressure; or to inflammatory changes in the coats of the vessels leading to coagulation (this depends upon virus action), which except during epidemics of puerperal fever is not so common as is supposed. Technically, the operation was successful.

In allowing the child to quench its thirst, it is not deemed necessary to pour the cold tea into a cup; but the spout is offered to the lips, and a draught is given.

Put the fruit on one-half of the crust, and dredge over it a lit tie flour, wetting the edges of the crust, as for pies, to make it stick. In the course of the investigation of pleurisy coincident (as evidenced by a friction rub heard only over the consolidated area) were discarded.

I am convinced that the manner of presenting some excellent papers has in many instances given an erroneous impression. John Gerin moved that the address be referred to a committee of three to report upon the recommendations contained in it.

Fixation of the elbow gave the best restdts: to.


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