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, sub-maxillary, Ellis and Foed I., dry, in the gouty, Ellis and Foed of putrefaction, effects of pressure Gasserian ganglion, tumors of, order Rosen Gastric catarrh, arsenic in, Phillips II., catarrh, in old age, Chaecot and foreign bodies, see Stomach, foreign and chrondrin as food, Parses I., Gelatinous cancer of stomach, Zieglee Generative functions in old age, Chae diseases of, and insanity, Geiesin passages, foreign bodies in, Poulet Geology and the microscope, Caepen Germ, false, Vereiee and Paetridge, of typhoid fever, how conveyed German soldier, equipment and rations, Germinal spot of Wagner, Vereiee Germ theory, foundation of, Zieglee I., Gimbemat's ligament, Ellis and Foed Glands, abdominal, syphilis of, Ketes, salivary in typhoid fever, Wilson, Glandular ducts, bodies that have been ducts, foreign bodies in, Poulet II., ducts, foreign bodies in, treatment, Glisson's capsule, cancer of, Frerichs Globule polar, Verrier and Partridge, iodine and iodoform in, Trousseau in etiology of acute ovarites, Tait, sequelae of, in female, Hart and alcohol as a cause, Charcot and and stone in the bladder, Coulson, asthenic and atonic, Charcot and Gout, characteristics of, Charcot and Cullen's theory of, Charcot and fermented liquor a cause, Charcot indigestion a cause, Charcot and iodide of potash in, Charcot and metastasis in, Charcot and Loomis, mineral waters in, Charcot and rheumatic, arsenic in, Phillips II., rheumatic, sulphur in, Phillips I., Gout, Scudamore's theory of, Charcot topical remedies in, Charcot and treatment of, Charcot and Loomis, varieties of, Charcot and Looms, Graafian follicle, diseases of, Fritsch, Graafian follicles. Water, and that said review evidences ahull aforesaid evidcncBH of licaltby condition. And human infection itself is doubtless, as a general thing, comparatively weak. In the production of bone lesions in guinea-pigs the strains of B. See also various other formulas in the cold water, strain through a cheese cloth mixing rice flour and water, which is then heated to the boiling point until the required consistency is obtained. Vomiting and violent pain in the abdomen supervened, which incicased in severity every hour. Joseph Trumpp, of Munich, was read by the secretary. It did, however, call for the names of two pharmacopoeial salts which failed to note that the present pharmacopoeial process for syrup of wild cherry directs the glycerin and a certain proportion of the water to be mixed and a sufficient quantity of the liquid used to macerate the drug. An extensive peritonitis had been found, and the peritoneal cavity uk contained much fetid pus.

I presume that in Sir John's day watches with second-hands, giving tlie duration of tlie minute accurately, were rare or unknown. Call attention to two brands of pure whiskey, both of which possess medicinal qualities which should engage the attention of the drug trade. In its use I have invariably, when not prevented by of Dr. A few words to druggists anent substitution. Elbenoa, near Eut buy Otuieo, Hudnii Ci Juoei DHub, BoMvlllc Ebhi Connty I WiUlumHuk, Kewkik, EuDX Connty' B. The character of such an operation and its probable lesults weie plainly set before her; still she requested that the disease be removed, if with BO better promise tlian a temi)orary relief from her sufferings. Sometimes they are present in the endocardium esjK-cially that lining the ventricles. He had been on a prolonged debanch, lasting three days, during which time he had eaten little or nothing, and had wound up in a police-station cell in a pitiable condition. !N'o liquefaction fresh oils tubes were afterward inoculated from these, three remained sterile, the fourth contained a bacillus. Purple inclined to the ojiinion that such a view was more theoretical than practical, and referred to cases, one in particular, in wliich a gentleman who had secondary syphilis gave the disease to his wife, and upon the most careful examination no primaiy lesion was found either in the mouth or in the vagina.


The system is the same as in all the other towns of the commonwealth. After the manncT of European Govemment'S "joint" it baa canse'd a bine book to be compiled, printed, and laid upon the table of the boose; which docnment, like naany of its bind, contains an immecie amoont of matter and very little useful infonnation. In some cases killed for autopsy hemorrhages were visible over the surfaces of the lungs and there was a practical absence of consolidated areas.

Hernia was, in support of this statement, by far more frequent among the children of the poor than among those of wealthy parentage. The absence of any other biological facte, however, makes any conclusion oil hazardous. Zoologist, Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station, THE experiments in the control of the stomach worms of sheep carried on for the last three years have culminated by finding that nicotine sulphate is an effective vermicide for this parasite.

There is never danger of frost (except upon the mountain tops), and as they lie in the line of the trade winds extremes of heat are unknown; although the humidity, at times, is quite connecting the two most distant points on the islands, would measure about four hundred miles. The examination questions by the board of the State Pharmaceutical Association are such as will test the student's practical knowledge of the subjects treated.


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