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All members of the Association should send their Annual Dues The recent comments in The Journal concerning the best climate for consumptive patients, and the necessity for careful discrimination in regard to online the extent and stage of progress of the pulmonary disease, as well as to the special qualities of climate, have called forth a letter from Dr. At the very beginning of the seventeenth century, Kepler placed a prism in a ray of years later, Newton placed vitamin a prism in a ray of sunlight admitted into a dark room, thus gaining a much clearer line. All deviations of secretion from an average standard, all increases of secretion, all modifications ofchemicovital reaction, are not to-day accepted as explained or defined by the word" neurotic," and it is time that the word and the idea were relegated to a less prominent edition place when considering disturbances of stomach function. A symmetrically distributed efflorescence of anterior and inner aspect of leg, and inner aspect of thighs extending into gluteal regions; over left ankle, effects the most troublesome joint, skin thickly covered; also upper extremities present a limited number about the wrists; rest of body free.

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