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It remained for the accoucheurs and svu'geons of the sixteenth century to re-establish it. The fact that the x-ray specialist for whose negligence recovery was sought was working at the hospital in the x-ray department equipped by the defendants for such work did not affect the character of employment between the defendants and the operator in this respect. At first they "alpha" also were drug sellers and color grinders. It takes up the question of the different changes seen on the plate and describes those that are most typical; but the text is far too brief and good roentgenograms for comparison are lacking: size. It seems that rheumatic persons are liable to a sort of translation of the disease to the sheath of the spinal cord, attended with pain and spasm.


Tanks - perspiration during the remissions is less and less marked as the disease advances; and the skin gets a yellowish tint, first noticed in the conjunctivsa, or there may be jaundice.

This explains the fact that cooks and butchers are especially prone to become the hosts of the i)arasite.

These instances of sudden death have occurred as frequently during simple thoracentesis without The details of the cutting operation are very simple. Near Louvain was a place where criminals were executed; and Vesalius, having observed the body of one from which the soft parts had all been cleaned away by ravenous birds, only the bones and ligaments remaining, detached the extremities separately, and then carried oif the trunk by night, thus possessing himself of his first skeleton. It was thought that it would be universally effective, but we learned in the war that there were exceptional cases in which typhoid inoculation failed to give immunity. Some question still existed as to whether a normal tube could undergo torsion, but it seemed to be proven that a normal ovary might do so.

The obstruction may be due to a fastening together of the two limbs of a sharply bent loop of bowel, or to a band lying directly across the gut, or to a general matting together of a long section of the intestine. This brochure has served a good purpose in emphasizing the Precis de Therapeutique Medicale Oto-RhinoLaryngologique Par G. Dislocated joints after reduction should be put to rest in plaster-of-paris for a few days when massage and -low passive motion should be practiced daily until function is restored. When the maximum temperature of a case of cholera remains throughout below buy the normal average, the case will probably be fatal. He was connected with the Tuberculosis Preventorium at Farmingdale, and served during the World War in the Medical Corps of the United States Army. Strangely, tlie autlior lines does ordinary symptoms, he notes that the right side was affected in iavor of emhoHsm as a pathological cause. The process of softening is not so uniform in its progress as the notice already given might lead one to suppose. Completely furnished, spacious clinic with lab and x-ray equipment. I propose to take care of your interest on every possible occasion, and in the best manner I know how. Order - thus, either ulceration or interstitial absorption (the cuticle remaining intact) is invariably present in lupus, and constitutes the most marked feature The second variety is sometimes known as lupus hypertrophicus, and attacks other parts of the body besides the face. It is generally granular, not containing many well-formed corpuscles; and the older the abscess the more the puscorpuscles are found degenerating. In ascites the fluid being free will gravitate to the lower part of the peritoneal cavity, whereas in ovarian cyst, even if the sac be very flaccid, it will be unable to change to the A distended bladder has been mistaken for ascites, although with ordinary care it is hardlj' conceivable that such an error can be made.

Smoked meats of all kinds, including sausages, should be cooked.

The bacterium, however, is not the essence of the infectious disease.

McCarthy,"Zur Pathologic der Peritoneal Tuberkuloae," Walter Altschul, Prague.


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