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This, if acute, may result in death, sloughing, or gangrene; but if slow it does not entirely stop the nutrition of the polypus growth, though it imparts to it a soft elastic consistence which may lead to its being mistaken for a cyst (chronic oedema). For almost a half a century, he gave free medical treatment to any high school athlete injured in a game and had decades as a general practitioner. The suitable instrumental equipment of the gynaecologist for electrical treatment is a matter of the first importance, and deserves careful consideration.

To try and include in this report all of the accomplishments and activities of this association during the past year would be somewhat redundant since most of the actions of the association are spelled out in the reports of the commissions and committees to this House of Delegates, and in addition have been distributed to all county medical societies throughout the past year. The variation in the number of bacteria in different samples was, however, so apparent under the microscope that it suggested this form of examination as a more convenient and quicker method than plating for determining the bacterial content of milk, or at least for eliminating samples comparatively free of bacteria. Bornstein, Herschel Borough, Lester D. So much for the The inverse current produces in the nerve trunk, between the electrodes and the muscle, a condition of analectrotonus, which is admittedly one of" diminished irritability," which term is in itself an acknowledgment of lowered vital activity, which can only be accounted for as a degree of paralysis, and is induced by weak as well physiologist has ascertained that so long as the inverse galvanic current is closed it is impossible to produce contraction of the muscle by pinching, pricking or otherwise acting on this part of the state of su.spended irritability (d). Still less is known of the pathological changes in chronic metritis than in endometritis or cervical catarrh.

Joe," as he is affectionately called by his friends and patients, is a family practitioner from Seymour where he was born and reared. The proteus species were not studied for indole production. The President then delivered his He thanked the Association for the honor conferred on him in electing him to preside. Half the remaining lobe was then removed, and within a week the pulse was normal, and the skin cool and dry. Out and the outer ttibe closed tube si.x inches long to the tracheotomy tube, and uses a anti.septie; solution; the attached fluid from entering the trachea, the secretions, a few drops of tube wit! facilitate their expulsion.


Exposure to the action of X rays, Finssen light, or radium salts may bo tried. In all cases, effects must depend on the degree order or force of the cause." Dr Parry is of opinion that inflammation, when it arises from a constitutional cause, as in gout, erysipelas, and the like, is a natural and salutary effort of the system to remove a certain fulness of habit incompatible with the right performance of the healthy functions of that individual constitution. The result is so to diminish the cutaneous resistance as to permit the passage of a current of considerable strength by means of a moderate electro-motive force; and this without the production of much pain. He does not keep up the quarantine more than ten or twelve days if the throat be free from mischief, regardless of desquamation.

Rose thinks that pencilling the throat, as done in private practice, is generally useless. It is at this stage that an area of uniform hardness and resistance can be felt in the abdominal wall beneath the muscles. A diflerent result was obtained buy on repeating the same experiment with the left eye, with which, although the mask, axis of vision of this eye, he could not see any at all. Many of them certainly have their we have extract every reason to suppose that their progress may at least be impeded, and the life of the patient prolonged, as well as rendered more comfortable. In both we must obey the general surgical principle of securing external evacuation of septic collections. Offensive breath "capsimax" proceeds in most cases from.a sluggish state of the stomach and liver, and will generally be removed by a brisk aperient. Davidson batteries has been that the solution had to be renewed very frequently and kept in a tightly-corked bottle after use. Short description of the situation, population, and employments, with the manners and customs of the inhabitants, may not prove uninteresting (extractor). For the same reason secondary growths, such as papilloma, whifh require local hypernutrition, are rare. I was wound or other injury; but extraction he did not recollect any such accident J and imputed it entii-ely to exposure to cold, after being fatigued, and overheated, for the weather was unusually sultry.


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