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After the tongue had cleaned and stools were more natural I gave elixir gentian et every four hours, alternating with the jaborandi. With the May issue the name of Modern Medicine will review be changed to the Nation's Health, thus making the title more clearly descriptive of the present scope and the new and enlarged service of the magazine in health promotion. I would suggest that the shoulder symptoms are the result of a trophic change due to injury of the circumflex nerve which already shows such marked disturbance in its sensory and motor branches. Diphtheria OBSERVATIONS ON THE PREPARATION OF From the Research Laboratories, United States Standard Products Com-pany, Woodworth, Wis. Peroxide of hydrogen in weak solution: buy. Which agree in this point of their action. Some groups of axons are seen scattered throughout the posterior funiculus.

Is poured into the cells of the corpora cavernofa much fafler than it can be reabforbed by the vena penis, owing in this cafe to the pleafurable fenfation of love increafmg the arterial action.

The teeth and fkin being more fenfible to cold than the more internal parts, and more expofed to it, is the reafon that the mufcles which ferve them, are thrown into exertion from the pain of cold rather than thofe of refpiration, as in fcreaming from more acute pain.

There are eight principal springs, six thermal and "burnz" slightly sulphurous, and two cold chalybeate. He had employed it in six cases, but in one only had the results appeared to be satisfactory. Linen is stained by it, but the discoloration order may be removed by sulphate of iron.

It is, as a whole, clearly written, but the use of medical terms is often inexact. In this figure, m clearly represents a single globule of degenerated myelin which has been cut on the tangent by the microtome knife. Two large sheets, one of which should be linen, a large linen when indicated, but is seldom required.

As mercury cures venereal ulcers, and as pulmonary ulcers refemble them in their not having a difpofition to heal, and in their tendency to enlarge themfelves, there were hopes, from analogy, that it might have fucceeded. One was a perfect result, and the "lmnitrix" other three very evidently showed a breaking down of the blood clot leaving a targe cavity. Smearing the skin with oil in cold weather affords protection only through the fact that the body is covered with The popular supposition that the body may be nourished by the application of oil to the skin is an error. Several c c of blood were taken from the heart for an agglutination test.

Archiv association of thrombosis with certain diseases. Their application in conjunction gives, not the sum of two co-operating or complementing agents, but the difference between two neutralizing and antagonistic measures.


Although the natural solvent may he neither an acid nor an alkttli, but something else different in nature from these, yet anything that will rightly dissolve the deposit will be fit to supply its place.

Glover has provided all the materials for forming a judgment." The Critic. In gastric catarrh, gastralgia, or in the acute crises of locomotor ataxia, it may be employed in the same manner as for The revulsive douche affords great relief as a local application to the painful joints of acute and chronic rheumatism, also in myalgia, dcrmalgia, intercostal neuralgia, pleuro dynia, and the lightning pains of locomotor ataxia. The nervous mechanisms concerned in central movements are at once older and more lowly placed than the mechanisms concerned in peripheral movements.


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