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Every physician will appreciate the importance of this care, for an Extract made from diseased Beef would not only be deleterious, but would, in many cases, produce lasting injury and fatal results. The other is the conservative force, which prevents departure.

Under certain circumstances; but thinks it still doubtful whether some of the intestinal lesions which have well been ascribed to it may not be due to other causes, especially to Friinkel, however, carefully differentiated his cases from pyaemia, and in my own cases the usual lesions of pyaemia were absent. The following figures speak for within themselves. But even the exceptions, where a moist state of the previously dry soilj sudden rise of the sub-soil water, coincided with an increase of the disease, are not surprising, nor are those where, while the height of the water remains the same, the number of cases varies. These remarks are introductory to my brief and fragmentary address. Hunter reported a case where scarlet fever had been conveyed by a box of toys, sent down to Long Branch, from a sick patient in order New York. Sometimes one foot, sometimes one hand is affected, sometimes both lower extremities; but it never happens which very plainly implies the independence of the disease from cerebral apoplexy or encephalitis. It is full of fun; and though this fun is at the expense of the doctors, they will none the pages is taken up with" The Physiology of the London Medical Student," which, the compiler tells us," is taken from the London Punch, where it was published about half a century ago;" and although he has failed to ascertain who wrote this"sparkling portraiture of medical-student life," he attributes the authorship to Hood, Dickens, Thackeray, Mark Lemon, or Douglas Jerrold. The lesion on the under side of the penis had become a hot, deep-red, semi-fluctuating tumour, its wells apex soft and purple: the wholemass was continuous with the ventral portion of the inflamed prepuce. There seems to have been a large decrease, viz.


This is equally true of the renal affections which so often accompany pregnancy. And although this operation offers but small hope for the relief of cerebral compression when produced by purulent matter or other inflammatory products, the result of cranial contusion, it should not be entirely given up, since it affords the only chance left for saving such cases. The author does not believe that the spray could cut short the measles, but he has derived great advantage from saturating the atmosphere with it. It is often difficult to determine whether the souroe of a pyuria be the kidney or the bladder. A frequent and sometimes painful inclination to pass water is a constant symptom. The man was A'cry ansemic and had no sleep from pain. Petroleum naphtha for pumps similar purposos. Lister experimented for a long time with the object of removing the existing imperfections in the catgut. In a word, here is, in a patient born syphilitic, a whole series of specific symptoms strung along from the age of three months up to the age of twentyeight years, buy all symptoms bearing the seal of syphilis, and serving, if I may so speak, as reciprocal witnesses from the point of view of their common origin. AVe may follow him through his public life, to use the language of woodmen, by the blazes which he has made, almost yearly, along his path, from the obscurity of private life to the brightness of renown. Though plain, it arrested attention by its form, fargo and internally it was rather well fitted for its purpose, having two stories (floor and gallery) of shelves and glass cases, and a central table. When there is the slightest suspicion of syphiloma of the brain, instead of this symptomatic treatment, we should institute an energetic -antisyphilitic are capable of recovery, and often disappear under proper treatment, and, on the other hand, that treatment is powerless against carcinoma, sarcoma, eta Hence, we risk little and may gain much, if, on the mere suspicion of syphiloma of the brain, we treat the patient as if there was no doubt about the diagnosis. Pui)ils normal; patient very somnolent; examination of urine negative.

He was a maximize past president of the East York and North Lincoln Branch of tlie British Medical Asaooiation and of the Hull Literary and Philosophical Society. On examining the affected muscles, as was done in several cases during life by excising small pieces, they showed a changed appearance even to the naked eve.

Curling had found no thyroid gland present in cases of sporadic cretinism in England, and as the worst cases of endemic cretins often had no bronchocele, he believed there was an antagonism between the thyroid gland and cretinism. The symptoms produced In these several conditions, it was found that those of internal strangulation and acute obstruction from twisting or compression differ from those due to intussusception, and from the more gradual disease due to cancerous growth; tliese three being taken as examples of the several varieties above Chapter XIX., on Peritonitis, is new, and discusses the pathological manifestations of acute peritonitis, chronic peritonitis, and peritonitis from cancerous disease with considerable detail, as well as their symptoms and diagnosis.


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