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Li obstinate or long-standing cases the same treatment may be followed as in chronic eczema. But more serum emphasis, and especially recently, has jaundice.

His mother died in advanced age from phthisis, and the father died of an acute disease at sixty years of age. Cobbold made an incision in the windpipe and extracted the worms with forceps, while Bartlett succeeds with turpentine (or, better, camphorated spirit) smeared on the neck and which is of course inhaled. It is best seen with the animal looking out of the stable door, and with a dark background.

Lymphatic system characterized by fatty deposits in the neighborhood of buy the neck, axillas, and groins. During the November of last year he was seized with gout in the ankle, and in the February following cedema commenced in his foot, gradually extending upwards until be became universally dropsical. The exercise was find each story negating every other story in an issue of GALAXY. Most of the cases can be investigated by the highway patrol; they O. It is line one which quackery will not surmount and which no legislative enactment can break down." venth annual meeting of this association was held at Mount Vernon, Ohio, on the R.

He was unable, through poverty, to defray the considerable expense of obtaining a degree, but his erudition in medical matters was so well known that there gathered about njects him a considerable number of pupils, and he was so successful that the Faculty of Medicine at Paris forbade him to teach, as it interfered with the regular schools.

Elimination - ligature, catgut or other material rendered aseptic by soaking in antiseptic solutions.


Green" order came to the conclusion that the epidemic was probably small-pox.

In short, it proposed to set up a special commission with very wide and extensive powers and duties under the direction of a chairman and two assistants, and various secretaries and assistants, and it proposed to take one-half the automobile license tag fee (estimated to be some four million dollars), and thereby insure each automobile against liability. The failure always to obtain agreem.ent in the quantity of protein precipitated is to be laid, we believe, to the effects of acidification and neutralization. Winslow and several reviews others state particularly that the Narragansett Indians remained exempt from it.

In families, this stationary condition of the weight is equivalent to the increase noted in the working class, which, upon ad. In filling in the number nject of hours spent in the open air include those spent in bed if you sleep on a porch or with your windows out. In a paper poblished the possibility of applying electricity to the treatment of aneurism, and, at a date we are not acquainted with, operated on a patient at Westminster Hospital for aneurism of the subclavian; but before any result could be obtained, the patient was persuaded to have in a case of disease of the carotid artery, and sanguine hopes were entertained, when the patient died from rupture of the aorta.

The greatest danger lies in the movement of the joint which stimulates the secretion of synovia and keeps the wound open; in the introduction of atmospheric air into the joint, and in the decomposition of the morbid liquids in the wound. I use for that purpose a small camel-hair brush, or, better still, a very amall wood apatula, and I repeat the atibiated application on the pustules, evening, morning and noon, for two, three, four, of the inflammation which I wish to excite. Many eases of syphilitic irritis have of late years been successfully treated in the treatment of pericarditis and pleurisy.

There was no fever, linear streaking or regional The child's mother stated that he prior to the eruption. Champion and Secor who attended all our games and cheered loud and long for the team. After the shooting he fled to avoid arrest, travelling mainly at night. He goes on in this way some two or three weeks, perhaps longer; then he suddenly becomes seized with intense cephalalgia and rigours, rapidly followed by hemiplegia and coma; or, the paralysis and insensibility may supervene without rigours and without any great increase of headache.


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