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There was some pain on pressure over the sciatic nerve. Intercostal neuralgia may be mistaken for angina pectoris, but the intense fear, great anxiety, sense of suffocation, and disorder of the circulation attending the latter, will usually make differentiation Lumbo- abdominal neuralgia.

My attention was called to a preparation well spoken of by several New York Ophthalmologists, which I tried repeatedly operation, especially in cases for intra ocular operation, and the day of the operation and a day following a little larger dose, The drug is mild, there was no depression or any apparent drowsiness but the patients seemed more quiet and certainly sleep was more natural. Yet a large and increasing group of irregulars do spend vast sums to mislead the unwary, thereby causing incalculable damage to mortality and health." is not certain that the attitude of the profession warrants the establishment of a"medical censorship of the lay press in its publication of matters pertaining to medicine and surgery." He is indeed a trifle pessimistic about the matter, observing that he is"disposed to believe that any extensive or really effective enlightenment of the public in medical matters can be brought about by a direct or deliberate attempt to educate them in such matters." If the time is ripe for such a movement the editor is of the opinion that"the lay press is the only agency by which any extensive education can be achieved. Assuming that the uterus is an erectile organ, we can note the eflPect of exercise upon the pelvic circulation of the male.

The plan looks plausible enough at first to tempt to a careful trial. Its death-rate is high in almost all diseases, and the general death-rate is higher than that of the white in almost the same j)roportion as that for consumption. He then began plush to doubt whether the tubes should be removed.


He recalled that he had read a size preliminary report before the section in which he related his experience in using swine fat as a substitute for butter fat, but he had not used completely skimmed milk. I have used it extensively and am still resorting to it occasionally, but must frankly confess I have never been convinced of its utility and often felt that the sorely tried patient ought to be spared the plus pain and discomfort almost invariably associated with its hypodermic administration. For the last twenty years many authors have advocated the view that Hodgkin's disease is a peculiar condition due to infection with thirteen cases in which eight showed signs of tuberculosis, but the Simmons, in the last two years, has practically proved that tubercuosis and Hodgkin's disease are separate entities, though the one may be superimposed upon the other.

She had never noticed any sore about her genitalia, although two years before red spots appeared on her chest and back.

He cannot breathe through his nose and the effort to breathe and the constant cough have become so distressing that he feels that unless he can obtain relief life is hardly worth while. Certainly, as Still's cases show, a fatal ending is much commoner in children than in adults. The strength of He then attaches the neck electrode to the sternum and treats the back with the anode, especially the painful points or the The anode is then attached to the electrode on the sternum and the other pole to a brush of forty square centimeters, and an induction current is applied. Barnes's bags answer well because they dilate the os at the same time. The mucosa was found infolded and was unfolded; it was shelled out and the pyloric tumor split and "buy" spread out. Individuals who especially benefit by a reduction of diet, both as regards quantity and quality, are those overfed people who A milk diet only should be given during the height of the salt may with advantage be added.

The Treatment of Tuberculosis with Friedmann's to the efficacy of this medicament: order. They are then decolorized by mounted the bacilli are seen red, the tissue decolorized. I particularly mention this case because it shows so well how the action of one drug helps that of another, and because cases may be met with which do not respond to the treatment which usually benefits them. The patient is then made to sit with the head bent forward, so that the blood which has just issued Simple Lessons on Health for the Use of the Young.

Duncan's paper that, in similar instances, replacement, even when possible, was usually followed by recurrence of the malposition. In certain specially indicated cases this reviews operation would solve Dr. Adler and his associate, I am of the opinion that the orthodiascope must be limited in its use except in a relatively few instances, to hospitals, with able and trained assistants. We go a step further back than childhood, and find that chronic intestinal indigestion is not rare in infancy.


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