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I read your editorial,"The Wrong Prescription", with interest and a certain amount of nostalgia. He concedes to Retzins and his contemporaries in Germany, the merit of having revived and made known the existence of an osseous investment, similar to the crusta petrosa, on the external surface of the fangs of human and many similar teeth, but which in such teeth is expressly described as ceasing where the enamel commences.

Doughty, of Augusta, maintained that it skincare was not prudent to operate upon every case of the disease as soon as the diagnosis was made, for the reason that the surgeon does not always see the cases in their incipiency.

In judging of the normal condition of the valves of the heart, he always had recourse to an experiment. Keyes' operation attacks of pain developed in the right kidney. CONTRAINDICATTONS: Hypersensitivity to acetaminophen or hydrocodone. I must here remark that I think less injury results from the nativo too early administration of stimulants than from their use too late in the disease. We refer especially to the examination of the nervous system wherein facts of the ancestry are apparently given much weight, whereas such fundamental signs as the condition of the knee jerks and the reaction of the pupils are overlooked. A high index of suspicion is necessary to make the diagnosis.

At the post-mortem examination particular attention was paid to the condition of the arteries, and they were found to Dr.

But, surely, a child who senses that he is worthy of the effort by his own parent (s) is learning to feel important in a healthy way. This disease occurred to a notable extent, particularly in the first year of the war, wUen fl strength in the fifth year. In this piper beach the term orchitis is used in its general sense, although the main seat of the disease was the epididymis, the body of the testis being only in part indirectly affected, the thickening of the tunics giving hence the generic term orchitis. He points out the fact that the heart is automatic and the nerves simply govern it; that cardiac irregularity is earlier and more frequent than definite paralyses due to nerve degeneration; that in very extensive paralyses about the pharynx where a part of the vagus is involved the heart only shows a gradual failure; and that the lesions in the heart muscle, such as granular changes and fatty degeneration, are sufficient to account for the symptoms without nerve changes.

In a former paper he city had impressed the importance of arterial sclerosis in neuralgic tics. Upon the whole, there can be no doubt that vaccination affords a valuable protection against small-pox, and that re-vaccination is a measure of prudence and efficacy, although the time at which it becomes requisite is as yet undecided: perhaps the popular opinion of once in seven years may answer until we have To the Editor of the Medical Gazette. Tests with stains have shown that fluids BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL injected into the uterus are almost sure to pass through the tubes, which explains many of the mishaps after gynecologic injections. Secondly, most physicians who enter practice in the state enter from one of the residency programs in the state. Fiske's case reminded him of one of cellulitis of the hand in which the complaint had started from "florida" a small wound and had run a very obstinate course. Irregularity of the pulse was found in two thirds of the cases under sixteen years, but in only one third above that age. Ordinary ulceration is excluded also, for the same reason.


Tunstall Taylor read a paper entitled"Treatment order of Lateral Curvature of the Spine." This was caused by faulty position. The biliary passages were usually sufficiently distended to permit the buy escape of some bile.


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