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They may have been due to infection.


Sir John Forbes, Sir Risdon Bennett, initiated it; it was designed to call attention to the inconsiderate prescription of large quantities of alcoholic drinks in disease as a grave danger,'and to suggest a careful aid prescription, as in the case of any powerful drug, for the occasion only. When this cannot be prevented, and the purulent infection commences, great advantage may be derived from general bleeding, as experiments on animals have demonstrated that this was the best mode of terminating the symptoms produced by introducing putrid matters into the circulation. When the abdomen is not much distended the former should be practised first, for after the draining the intra-abdominal effusion may become absorbed. Luxurians, an old name for ectropion, with a proud-flesh appearance of the conjunctiva. Weir, of New York (the discussion snoozes to be opened by Dr. The year has order produced a satisfying degree of controversy deriving from our Washington connection. He continued his employment, and thus was constantly exposed to the exciting cause, and had, besides, neglected his general health, and did not return for a fortnight; when seen then, the eruption was worse, and he discontinued his visits. A CumparUon with sleep Former Epidemies. Yet, again, the heart muscle may undergo physiological hypertrophy in obedience to the demands of excessive labour, and this condition, although not one of disease, has to be reckoned with, since it leads to textural changes; finally, the heart may be invaded or occupied by growths, parasitic or other, of various kinds.

The patient did well until the night of the third day, when I was summoned snooze to see her; she had had a chill and was then in a high fever, with severe pain in the abdomen. I admit not only their usefulness but their necessity in many cases, but they should be employed with care and even with hesitation by the experienced, and not at all by those who have not made their mechanism a special study, or who do not fully undestand the anatomy of the female pelvis, and especially the natural supports of the womb and their relation to each other. Therefore in Italy, and especially in the south, that popular belief will gradually disappear (snoozies). Taking the Navajo as a case in point, we note that they traditionally lived in a hogan, a rounded or eight-sided building with an earthen floor, a smokehole, and a door facing east (sleepytime). Indeed, the criticism might be made that new and controverted topics occupy a disproportionate space as compared with better known but not less important matters, the fundamental facts of the subject being sometimes lightly passed over as if almost too familiar to need review mention. Pulence; fatty degeneration; fatty infiltration. The cardiac impulse, although somewhat heaving, has notably less of the thrusting quality than would obtain over a heart of anything approaching to similar dimensions from pure muscular hypertrophy; it is also more generally diffused over the cardiac area. Unilateral breast tumors in adult males are usually instances of gynecomastia but because of the possibility of neoplasms all should be excised and submitted for microscopical study when the Fifteen instances of gynecomastia occurring in twelve patients are presented with a brief discussion of the etiology, diagnosis Mixed Tumor of Hypopharynx with This case is presented for several reasons.

Pope's, living with complained immediately after he was taken, that he was burning up all over. This"We have already had occasiou to notice what we considered an erroneous opinion of Dr. The appointment will be made for one year, but the natural Director will be eligible for reappointment for sLx years.

A., External (of Mulder), in craniometry, that produced by the junction of Camper's line and a line joining the basi-occipital bone and the nasion. In a careful and elaborate paper entitled" A Clinical Analysis of the Inflammatory snoozy Affections of the Inner Ear," Dr. Describe the course of the nerve fibres in the optic Fibres upon its posterior surface (G-udden's commissure) have nothing to do with sight, and unite posterior quadrigeminal bodies (testes); middle fibres decussate, those from right optic tract passing to left optic nerve and vice versa, to terminate in nasal half of retina; outermost fibres of each tract do not decussate, but pass into optic nerve to be distributed to temporal half of retina of same side. It dissolves readily in water, forms different varieties of Spircca.

As a matter of fact a hymen occasionally occurs in this situation. Literature and Complete Clinical Records snooz upon Request.


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