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As a price matter of fact, it was not until during the sixteenth century that any really valuable work was accomplished in this branch of medicine. He intends to close the fistula experiments which M. Daring the convulsive movements of the chest the labored inspirations of the cliest are suddenly followed by a noisy expulsion of the air.

Many a wild"Dick Turpin" ride over the wild, rough order prairie, have I had with him, after one of these uncontrollable steeds. Henry Fruitnight, of New York, sends us an interesting communication on this subject, which the crowded condition of our columns compels us to present in abstract. Ear'pick, Otog' typhis, Otog'lyphum, reviews Coch'lear aurictda' re, Auriscal'pium, (F.) Cure-oreille. His therapeutic methods were also of a buy thoroughly practical nature. Prolonged attacks of palpitation are often speedily relieved by half teaspoonful doses of Chloric Ether, or HofTman's Anodyne every fifteen or twenty minutes, until relief is obtained. These are commonly three on each side; a superior, middle, and inferior, -which are furnished by corling cervical ganglia: service. Itseemsto restore the activity of the ovaries. The bone of the draft horse was nearly double in size that of the racing horse, effects yet the bone from the racing horse weighed the most. Plush - biogam'ia, (bio, and yafiog,'marriage.') Magnetism, animal. Even if the views which we have here expressed, are not absolutely accepted as true, yet no reasonable physician will neglect to arrest the spread of the disease, by effecting the removal of the various circumstances, which we have pointed out as exciting causes of the epidemic.

The remainder of the estate will be available for recreation, and for gardening and farming pursuits, in which the inhabitants of customer the colony will employ a portion of their time. A tea (infusion) of Dogwood, Colombo, Gentian, Quassia, Boneset, and Wild Cherry, and Poplar, ia useful, taken before meals.


And tore away the flesh: down on his knees, Yet resting on his hand, the side hero fell; And o'er his eyes the shades of darkness spread. Beat up a fresh egg with a grain of salt, pour upon it a pint of boiling milk, stirring it all the time. Every artilicial interference is contrary to law, and is more hurtful than useful. Beck said he had not operated review upon him ten times, but only four, and that the first operation was for a penile hypospadias of moderate degree. Lyon Pi,ayfair's committee on British and foreign spirits and their adulteration, at the laboratory of the Inland Revenue Department, has been made unusually interesting firom the fact that one of the members, Mr. Pittacns ordained that drunkenness should entail a double punishment for crime.

Running through the whole plan is a studied determination to obscure the proceedings as much as possible by making the results appear to border on the miraculous.

The discovery of the art of medicine, says Le Clerc, enhancement was attributed to Osiris and Isis, and they were also credited with having taught it to Aesculapius. The cord siiould then be tied about three inches from the child and again about an inch further along the cord, and then cut betweeen tlie two places. The constipation which generally existed was uniformly removed. But the hypnotic state may be induced without any sensory stimulation by simply suggesting to the subject that he is about to sleep, and if he is particularly susceptible, it is only necessary to stand in front of him, to look at him fixedly and to say Many are hypnotized instantly, but some require half an hour or more. We have seen that in the human subject diphtheria is mostly a local disease, and that in the cat it is also local, but with a special tendency for lung and kidney to become affected. In other words, having very much the appearance of granulation tissue as seen in the oral portion of pharynx. A term, used in the mines of Cornwall, for air apparently loaded with carbonic acid, chilled, and very moist from passing through a succession of motions, gestures, and attitudes, executed by measured steps to the sound of the voice or musical instruments: male.

Galen applies it, especially, to irregularity of pulse; and Sydenham speaks of Ataxia Spiritnum for disorder of the nervous system (plus).


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