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Paracentesis abdominis best had been performed seven times before the patient was performed. The mother attend-, ed but did not suckle the infant; she looked pale and worn, and complained of dorsal pain, and soreness over the abdomen; rest warm fomentations to abdomen, Morphia Sulph. Considerable discussion took place on the report of the committee on amendments to the Medical Act, especially in I'eferonce to the of the Council and also of the examiners. The bulk of the tumour consisted of one large cj-st, which was tapped, and a quantity of dark brownish viscid fluid flowed away; the rest was made up of numerous small cysts. The fact that no pigment was found in the gland metastasis did not negative such a view, as pigment was frequently lacking in such metastases.

The right tube and ovary adhered strongly to the sac and right side of the uterus, and the whole adherent mass was absolutely inseparable.

See also Extractum Spigelice et Sennce flavour Fluidum. Gradually tlie ulcer began to taxe on a healthy character, healthy granulntions began to appear, and the general taken from the anterior surface of the arm, midway between the shoulder and elbow joints (this part being chosen as one riot easily disturbed while healing), this I divided into four pieces, and after slightly scratching the surface in four places at equal distances from the centre of the ulcer the grafts were carefully applied and strapped in their places by two narrow scrips of adhesive plaster.

I shall rely on the very passages he himself has quoted to sustain me. More than double the strength of the British preparation, and "buy" only about one- third of that of the French and German. It was necessary to cut down about half an inch before reaching the depressed uterus, and to tear through solid tissue behind it to arrive at the rectum below.


Additional sums will be required for laboratoi-y equipment.

Underwood, Executive Officer the Mississippi State Board of Health, ss Gladys Eyrich, Director of the DeTment of Mouth Hygiene, assisted by an dsory committee representing the Missispi Dental Association, that perfect harny has prevailed.

He submitted to an operation, went to sleep during a bad attack of asthma, awoke from the anesthetic without it and has never had it since.

The and Physiology of the Nervous System. A point in the inter-costal space corresponding to the lowest point of the empyema cavity is anesthetized with one-half per cent novocain solution, infiltrating all the tissues from skin to pleura inclusive. Many persons rebel against the drinking of sour milk preparations.

In rarer cases there is a development of hyperopia, which subsequently varies this is due to a change in the refractive index of the vitreous: oxy. But smoking, boiling, steaming, roasting, drying and the like is not killing the energy of the food-molecule, it is simply a fixation which is either a chemical one as in salting, pickling, etc., or a mechanical one, as preservation in air-tight vessels, both methods to protect the food-molecule from the action of oxygen. It is not enough to merely discourage the indiscriminate sale of morphine and cocaine by the reading of papers and the passing of resolutions. The point to remember is that the diagnosis should not be made by side the microscope alone. Army for Harvey, Lieutenant Colonel Philip F., Is relieved from duty as chief surgeon, department of South Philippines, and will proceed to of North Philippines, for assignment to duty as chief surgeon of Gardner, Major Edwin F., surgeon, is relieved from duty in command of convalescent hospital, Corregldor Island, and will report to the commanding general (effects).

I should have mentioned that in withdrawing the trocar at the first operation, I had allowed the point of the canula, (a having withdrawn the trocar, the slip was easily remedied; in the meantime, however, some of the pus had escaped into the wall of the chest and not finding a way out, had directed its way into the surrounding tissues, forming a tumor about the size of a day, but it did not heal kindly; and finally it became a valvular fistulous opening through which matter continued to escape in small quantities from the cavity of the chest, when that cavity became distended again, whilst at the same time no air seemed to enter by it.


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