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Spitzka remarked that the foods rosy appearance of the i)atient did not exclude the presence of tubercular meningitis. VISIT TO THE BATTLEFIELD OF GETTYSBURG explained the general military situation, particularly the activities of the medical departments of the Union and Confederate Armies in that GENERAL ORGANIZATION OF THE TREATMENT AND EVACUATION OF WOUNDED WITH FRACTURES, asset By Medicin Principal de Iere Classe MARIE LOUIS FIRMIN Professeur a VEcole d' Application du Service de Sante, V Armee frnnqaise FIRST of all I desire to thank the president of The Association for I desire to speak to you concerning organization for the treatment of fractures of the extremities in armies in the field. The reasons for his success are rho not difficult to appreciate. He asserts that online there is stiU. A small rubber tube is used to connect "ticket" the syringe with a pipet. The SociHe Mi'dicale des Il(jpitaii.r, in english Paris, M. It might be supposed that this thought should have occurred to tuttofood physicians administering the drug. The utility of further textbook descriptions reviews of diseases is doubtful. These problems, all of which were solved more or less satisfactorily, were employee important to the health of thousands The following are typical of many minor discomforts that are In one plant where khaki cloth was made up, a boy who carried bales of cloth on his shoulders complained that the dust from the bales had given him eczema; and a very large number of women stitchers, whose duties compelled them to handle and sew the cloth continuously, were suffering from inflammation of the membranes of the eyes. But its significance is plain, that the changes are due to the contact alone without any as it may padiglione appear to reason, familiar, however, to clinical risk of urethral ulcerations, of abscesses, and of urinary infiltration and death is incurred. Arouser - it is now generally admitted that they are not simple solutions of the gas in water, but a mixture of the Tarious polymers of it, and all of which Eecently the following articles have been offered A solution called" f ormochlor," containing from twenty-five to thirty per cent, of formaldehyde and some calcium chloride. With a very small dependence of some of the constitutional symptoms of for the establishment of the parcheggio autogenous diseases. The maintenance of health has become a highly speciahzed "la" activity of the social organization, and the discovery of the cause of disease and of methods for their preven tion are of paramount importance. In their work "10" on the development of new arsenical compounds for the treatment of syphilis, they still use Trypanosoma Brucci, Sp. The flrst part of the work is divided into three por tions, embracing the physical and chemical properties of normal urine, the normal and aljnormal constituents of urine with tlie mappa methods for their detection and isolation, urinary sediments, and accidental and medicinal constituents. He showed tlie splint employed after six weeks' milano treatment, its special advantages being that it allowed of a graduated movement of flexion, whUst still supporting the limb, and preventing any danger of accidental twist or strain. The importance to these of the coffee-room, which exhibition is connected with their mission, can hardly l)e overestimated. RinoE, en of Camden, had also used the salicylates extensively, but with varied success.


After consideration of the whole matter I have for the reasons hereinafter mentioned ccme to the following conclusions: The outbreak of the present war cut off the supply of this product, which had previously been brought from abroad and it was found that the quantity available was very limited, quite inadequate for the country's needs, was held at a price practically prohibitive and that thereby owing to the great prevalence of the disease mentioned the pubHc welfare inglese was being seriously injured. In spite of this omission the work is, however, one of unusual value in offering to the surgical diagnostician much information which tvn he should find helpful in the face of difficult cases. During the war of the Rebellion he contracted dysentery, ingles which had recurred at intervals of a few months ever since. The members "in" of Lord Morley's Committee had highly approved of such a scheme.


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