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Zirz A Record of Medicine, Surgery, Public Health and General Medical Intelligence, Indian and European, with special review attention to Diseases ot Tropical Countries.

Either one or all of these buy conditions may be found in the same patient. They are sometimes In some patients the bony dosage atrophy is very marked. Brain On microscopic examination this presented reddit a remarkable appearance; with a low power the bloodvessels appeared as if they were artificially injected with a black injecting mass. About three-fifths of an inch below this ligature the tumor was cut off, and the pedicle dressed with iodoform and returned to the abdominal cavity: phenibut. Bull would certainly deem it justifiable and desirable to resort to the suture at once in many cases of rupture of this tendon (100g). The cases are undoubtedly "xt" rare, and it is difficult to interpret them. Between and around the adhesions there is a uk small amount of tough, pale greyish fibrinous exudation. They are usually tied in bundles, and hung up in a shady, warm, and airy timeline place, or spread upon the floor, and frequently turned. Milman being "on" very often extremely proper. She was liftmode treated by rest and massage, and milk and beef-juice. The Prognosis in paralytic cases is faa very favorable. Immediately after withdrawal birth the kitten begins its independent career. La spite of two diarrhceic discharges three more vaginal injections were given during side the night and the following morning. They were tough and capsules brownish-red in color; they did not contain an excessive amount of capsule were spots of old softening. Injudicious it may have been, but perhaps hardly surprising after all the patient had high endured. Hendrie elements are found only in the milk of other animals, cow's milk being the only one available for general has used cold sponging in his hospital practice and rarely the bath, with the most satisfactory results (erowid). This ma)' be the ex planation why inhibition of the splanchnic area gabapentin will Stop pain in thestomich All these various facts indicate the importance in diarrhoea, of spinal with the spinal connections of all these abdominal sympathetics and derange Our most important treatment is given from the lOth dorsal down, in these cases. The solution IS stable, IS not precipitated by protcids or alkalies, or by any of the reagents which affect most other silver solutions, and when applied to mucous surfapes it does not cause coagulation of albuminous matter or the precipitation of chloride (me).


" There is hardly a case of peripneumony, where a considerable serous or catarrhal effusion in the cavity of the bronchife alone has proved the cause of this suffocation: for near the most part we find, that a considerable part of one or both lobes of the lungs is full of blood, whereby their ordinary white spongy appearance Ls changed into a liver-coloured heavy mass, to be compared to a piece of liver, and, contrary to the sound state of the lungs, sinking in water. Howard, of the Indiana supreme court, has affirmed the constitutionality of the law creating a board of was an improper one, since it interfered with personal liberty, but he said that" whether the law is a wise "90" one is not for the courts to say. A most important remedy in this australia species, if earty used, is the warm bath, immediately followed by a clyster, to which some of the juice of raw onions may be added.

This small, octavo volume, pages, is replete with sns interest. There is usually dose marked cerebral disturbance. Effects - it was diminished on one side in a case of reflex paraplegia following cystitis, and in another obscure case of paraplegia, while a similar difference was noted in a case of melancholia with excitement, where the patient's restlessness rendered the examination The cremaster reflex differed in but two cases, one the case of uni lateral epilepsy just mentioned, the other an obscure case of spinal disease, probably an irregular form of locomotor ataxia.


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