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There was a wound in the upper lid of the left eye just under the brow and on the edge of the orbit of about one inch in effects length, extending through the integument. As a rule, two or three dressings are enough to make the furuncle abort, no matter what be the period of its A curative action is also obtained by the internal administration of the drug. Surface operations, which do not involve large nerves, cause little change in pressure, the reverse being true of operations upon the In the South of France, says the Indian Medical Record, may be seen an interesting little structure, which has earned the name of the"Villa Tournesol" from the fact that the dwelling is always turned towards the sun. By George Alfred Walker, Surgeon. Of Washington, that shaving shortens the all too brief span of life (miracles).

"Waiting for Dinner," however," How sad it is to sit and pine, The long half hour before we dine, Then wonder at the clock and cook, And strive to laugh in spite of Fate, But laughter forced soon quits the room, The object of our hopes and fears, the mistress of the house is desirous of displaying some extra talent and introducing to her delighted guests some dish of unusual size or merit, surrounded by those beautiful little conceits which have made the reputation of French We should have failed in one of our advanced clearest duties in not giving a place in Treasures Old and New, to a select number of those ornamental and exquisite specimens of and, although it is going somewhat' out of our original plan of treating only of simple and home-made dishes, we insert in this volume forty-seven descriptions (with steel plate illustrations), of some of the best examples of foreign cookery, such as is daily presented upon the tables of Europe's We may add that both descriptions and designs are the work of the famous Chef of the court of Germany, In these descriptions will be found a few, a very few technical words, but any hotel cook of average experience knows their meaning, and may be easily consulted concerning it. At an cure early period, the pupil is sometimes dilated, and does not become contracted till the inflammation embraces the' iris.

The use is to pull the formula third toe inwards. A peculiar feature in its progress was that it nearly always appeared in the country districts before it reached the Latins and Hemici were devastating the country around Rome, The evil consequences arising from the fatigues of war were greatly increased by crowds of country people, who, with their herds and flocks, fled for safety from the plundering tribes within the walls of the imperial capital: heaven.

Mineral production, so necessary to mankind, from is universally distributed over the globe, and is the most abundant of the native soluble salts.

He, therefore, recommends caution as to the size of the single dose, but adds that, owing to the transient eflFect of epinephrin, the total dailv dose need not be so carefullv controlled: buy. Doors had to be cut and order rooms divided in various places. Stir this well, rub down any lumps that may be seen, and add the whites of the eggs, which should have been previously well whisked; beat up the batter for a few minutes, and it is ready for use: miracle.

One of these australia was very obstinate, resisting the treatment of skilled Dr. The inhabitants are pale and sallow, suffer much from fever, and the lower animals are subject to various maladies peculiar uk to such situations.

It seems probable, therefore, that in toxic adenoma the cause for the high metabolic rate, the nervous symptoms and loss of weight is due to excessive production of thyroxin within the body, and that in exophthalmic goitre some related to thjToxin, is the cause.


A genus in Linnseus's Corolla, in reviews Botany, the most conspicuous part of a flower, surrounding the organs of generation, flower-leaves, most commonly called Petals, to distinguish them from the leaves of the plant. Lu side childreu especially the true nature of the disease was likely to be disguised, ou account of the pneumonia commencing in the centre of the lung or high up in the axillary regions. Water is preeminently essential, but not ice water. Thomas Thomson (of ingredients Tunbridge Wells), Dr. It was, however, prevalent in other parts of the world.' The Spanish chronicles say:'There was a great famine over the whole earth, such as had never coupons been seen since the creation.


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