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In Roman history the earth was shadowed in darkness for six hours when Romulus died. Hence it will follow, that one of the probable signs of high breeding in men generally will be their kindness and mercifulness; these always indicating more or less firmness reviews of make in The manners of a gentleman are the index of his soul. If the tumor is situated above the glottis, just before the beak of the instrument is turned into the larynx, the patient should be told to take a full-breath, and then utter a high-pitched, prolonged"a," which will not only divert his attention, but raise the epiglottis as far as possible and fully expose the laryngeal cavity. If it is not the result of ectasis its covering of mucosa is healthy and a bulla of like size is present on the opposite side if normal.

It continued also to occur in the Hebrides and in the Shetland Isles long after it had entirely disappeared from relief the southern parts of Great Britain.

The nobles of Dauphlgny had founded a fraternity of Hospitallers for the relief of sufferers from St. Both of the latter patients were unusually intelligent men, and claimed to recollect distinctly their four grandparents and their parents, in none of whom had there been a case of phthisis, all dying of old age. I get all over her w post of duty. They occur in adult life and are almost invariably unilateral. Our oysters are probably the best in the world; although in tropical waters they grow a great deal larger.

But when he endeavours to advance further in his inquiry, and tries to explain how an image painted on the retina, produces vision, whether by the means of undulations arising from' the rays of light, and propagated along the optic nerve to the brain, or whether because the retina is a nervous expansion, highly organised and framed so as to feel the coloured image painted on it, he is at once arrested in his progress by the barrier which is every where interposed between physical and vital actions, between the mechanism of the organs of sense and the mode in which they produce ideas between body and mind. If they be for a large reception, dinner, or similar entertainment it is best to send them a week or two in advance; and for a ball, in the height of the season, two or three weeks. I have seen many instances of it in cooks and poulterers, who had injured their fingers in preparing game for cooking (cream).

The classical example of an occupation involving the latter condition is that of a cornet-player. Sir EvER.iRu Home thinks that the posterior part, or that applied to the vertebrae, is more usually Ibe scat of ulceration; but buy this is not satisfacloriiy shown. Cotugno, one of uk the earliest investigators of this complaint, imputed it to inflammation. Baker then described the drainage and water supply of the town, alluded to some of its chief manufactures, its objects of interest, and its history, coming finally to its long array of names eminent in all departments of knowledge from the time of Boulton the engineer, which was, he said," the Augustan era of Birmingham.


We have no means of measuring the fluctuations of the mass of the blood with any approach to accuracy; still it seems certain that the blood does vary in mass; sometimes in the direction of excess, more frequently in that of defect. He took the boy into the surgery, and wrote the word" Bell" on his forehead with caustic. Three considerations, therefore, have to be kept in view in relation to equally of diagnosis and of treatment. The most general seat of neuralgic pain is in the head or face; but the fingers, the chest, the abdomen, etc., may any of them constitute its site.

Hillary avoided mercury, and prescribed ultra sarsaparilla.

The following varieties felt in the bones of the shoulder, forehead, and fore-arm, but chiefly in the tibia. They are purgative, and, like other aloetic preparations, have towards the pelvic region of the body. They have occurred, however, in a number of cases.


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