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One who possesses the attributes of male and female: who unites in himself buy the two sexes. Secondly, by expressing all quantities entering into prescriptions in effects grains and minims, provided that they shall be so grouped as properly to represent grains, Ex. One of the most reliable ways of telling whether there is oedema or not, is to feel for the malleoli list of the tibia and fibula. Mvdecine veterinaire; for the information Ars Veterinaria, or veterinary art of IVIu'lo-med'icus. Armand-Delille of France presented this communication, in which he reviewed the history of child welfare work to show that before the war in France, as in all countries, infant welfare work was being carried on in an extensive way, and that infant mortality had calories con tinued to decrease until the time of the war. ' the vagina,' and ids.) Inflammation of the vulva and of the where mucous membrane of the vagina. Up to this time, in the literature I know nutritional of no case of multiple exostoses in which the bone marrow has been examined either at operation or autopsy.

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Review - such work throws one into contact with problems of all kinds, and doctors and patients of every description, and most important of all gives one a clear perspective of the big administrative side of preventive medicine, which can rarely be gained from private practice. What medicines are used are collected diet and prepared by the Medicine Man, and their names and mode of preparation are profound secrets.


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