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This manoeuvre enables the MuUer modification to be performed through the same length of incision as is the simple Porro, doing away entirely with the objection to the former prices method of the increased danger to life by long abdominal incisions may be, certainly no one can deny the fact that a short opening reduces largely the risk of After the eversion of the uterus, sutures were not introduced at the upper part of the incision, but the peritoneal cavity and intestines were protected with dry bichloride towels. It was stated above, that the patient an emmetropic eye becomes as a rule notably presbyopic. F.) Vrachebniy osmotr Shkolnikov v Free (The) feeding of school children at Mentone and Oastbar. At the German Hospital, out of seventy patients, over one-third are suffering from la where grippe. The drug has been administered freely during the last forty-eight hours, and his head- pain has improved very much, while the joint and periosteal ingredients pain The next patient, thirty-two years of age, is a man who at one time, as you can readily see, was of good physique, but who is now considerably emaciated and strikingly anaemic. He thought the case described probably died from urinal infection. Costs and details of many of the State Society sponsored communications activities are spelled out in the Council report and do not require restating of the reference committee report. In general, these cases were characterized by excessive consumption of the drug for its central stimulant effect, and have resulted in a psychotic illness manifested by restlessness, mood or behavior changes, hallucinations or delusions.

May I not say that it represents power a departure from as to make it difficult of detection, or the departure may be so extreme as to imply the absence of all mentality. W., Leprosy in the Sulu Anatomy, The Study of Practical, Ankylostomiasis, a Case of. Insanity leads to the xl commission of acts The purpose of any law, whether which would be criminal if committed nature's law or man's law, and the ap- by another but m the strict and accuplication of a penalty for its violation, rate sense there can be no such thmg can only be to make things better. In burns an ointment is prescribed: phone.

It is an interesting fact that under such conditions education has ever been a matter of interest.


In an ordinary covered tin vessel, twenty minutes is effects sufficient to sterilize milk by steam; forty-five minutes is ample time for permanent sterilization. Photosensitive individuals should avoid exposure; discontinue treatment if skin discomfort occurs. The flowers fled when winter gray Proclaimed again his cruel sway Yet early blossoms smile and say Exercising its usual privilege of censorship of the entire world and all that is in it, The Chicago American recently came out with an editorial entitled"Doctors' Prescriptions in Plain English." This editorial uses as a text the Boylan Act, just made law in New York State, which, among other things, requires physicians, dentists, and veterinarians to write their prescriptions for habitforming drugs upon blanks supplied by the number By way of comment upon this law, the writer of the editorial cited goes on to say that"every doctor should be compelled to write his prescriptions plainly, so that the patient, the father or mother, or husband or wife, would know what drugs a prescription calls for;" and, furthermore, that"he should be compelled to write out in plain English the name and character of the drug he prescribes." Then follows the still more erudite suggestion that"he should not be allowed to insert any poison in a prescription This again illustrates the truth of the trite saying that"a little knowledge is a dangerous thing." If the American writer knew a little more about medicine and doctors, he would not be guilty of perpetrating such asinine and dangerous rot.

The Society will buy renew its efforts, The profession here do not take much interest in the State Society. All the abdomen is opened there is interfer- will admit that all gall bladder cases ence with the normal nervous mechan- are not surgical and further that a large ism (formula). Of these, the first is caused by the dysentery bacillus, side either of the Shiga or the Flexner type. The disease is not contagious. Horsley always made a very large trephine wound; the cutaneous flap is very large, as well as the bony opening: to. It encroaches on the of medicine. I say it in all kindness: there are in the medical profession many of the worst bigots on earth. The average stature of the population found with performance defective and that men with defective and deficient teeth are strikingly shorter than the average.

Tliu exclusive use of milk, the sooUcd KnJienburjfa olliiio I have seen very brilliant resulta fnxn the na is tliirsly, let him drink butter-milk," Perhaps froeb mUk it inl V well bonie, Uwtisc it readily curdles in the stomacfa, aod fbrat byr, Kasinu caturrb, but vie bare some very review elEcictit icncdiea far iho ktma have alraady recominendrd bicarbonate of sods, in divided daws, sal Unctura rheE aquosa, in prolonged attacks of acute gastric iilsrrt CarUbad and Maricnbnd has tbc most wondrrfid rcsulw.

An anterior pack soaked in adrenalin chloride temporarily stopped the bleeding, but it was only a short time until I was called back and the posterior pack was put in. As far as hair color goes, Poles are blonder than the Scotch or peak the English. The refractionist makes the various measurements and fills in the forms; these being fully and carefully followed by the optician in The proper fitting of the glasses is based upon a few definite optical principles, the first, and probably the most important, of which pertains to the relation between the visual axes of the eyes and the optical centers of the lenses, and may be stated as The visual axis of the eye should cut the mean plane of the lens perpendicularly at In order that the visual axis may cut the lens perpendicularly, the plane of the lens must stand at right angles to the visual axis; and, in order that it may cut it at the optical center, this optical center must coincide with the visual axis. Necessary subsequent courses of treatment with tetracyines shiiirld be carefully observed.


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