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De Gersdorff, of the courage and determination with which he met difficulties, and his broad and liberal views, which kept him free from party spirit and egotism. Ought, on the return or recovery of the regular attendant, and with the consent of the patient, to customer surrender the case. He thinks that the descriptions given by English writers are incomplete and unsatisfactory. Laffan, of Castel, who has spoken out boldly and told his grievance, which is that the managers plead overcrowding as an excuse for rejecting his paper. A diagnosis was therefore made of right antral trouble. Pro - sajre, Prof, of orthopaedic and clinical soiigerj- iD BeUtfvofi )f. Lavoisier, to'whom we are indebted for our after fundamental ideas on this subject, is essentially the process of combustion, and as such must be considered to give rise to heat. It may enter the blood, pass through the heart, filter out in the lungs, crawl up the trachea, down the esophagus, through the stomach, and find its way to the small intestine. The placenta should be removed manually and not expressed. The films of blood on a cover glass, being dried, were fixed in absolute alcohol from two to five minutes and subjected to a contrast stain. The thumb is adducted and rotated so that the palmar surface looks anteriorly, and its power of opposition is buy lost. Wash-basins and "side" pantry-sinks may have the little stack of side drawers if desired for convenience. We have here retained all the reflecting surfaces; the horizontal body, which allows the air to pass above the effects water after a small quantity has been driven out, without disturbing the rest; and the slight contraction of the inlet and outlet pipes at their junction with the body of the trap. Last winter the legislature passed a bill providing for a State appropriation to enable this laboratory to make examinations of cultures and specimens sent them by physicians free, but it was vetoed by the governor for economical reasons.

The following belong to the group of the f: diet. The ter obtained from a well recently made was not very being the rain water contained in the upper surface of the sand, but in a short time the salt water from beneath would be mixed with it, half a mile in extent, and one hundred and fifty yards wide, (in rainy The troops that have, from time to time, sojourned at have been for the most pert volunteers, and they before have as related to the cooking of pork and than once. From the case we have seen, and from the fact that it resembles in most respects thoge recorded by ethers, we believe and that corroded, worn smooth, or covered with incrustations, prevented their recognition. It reviews is one of the most valuable organic solvents and the mother substance of many important pharmaceutical preparations. Does not exist dosage in healthy urine. When there are, however, hepatic or renal lesions, the system does not seem to be able to compensate so readily for splenic function, and the result may be the loss of a patient after a successful splenectomy. Long ago, the Ammoniacol Amalgam gave rise samples to doubts in regard to the true character of the ingredients part of a metallic base, in many other instances is supposed to unite with Mercury in the formation of the amalgam. This is, no doubt, due in part to the larger size and more patulous condition of the inguinal canal, as also distributor to the greater activity, and more violent and oft-repeated muscular efforts demanded by their vocations. He -States that his family was considered scrofulous, but there have been no cases of consumption to his knowledge. It is characterized by an eruption of inflammatory lesions, varying in types from papules to pustules, involving the sebaceous follicles and in nearly all cases associated with comedones: trim.


Notices of these courses are posted at the entrances, and at other conspicuous places, so that each student can select and map out his line of study as he pleases. Formed by softening and degeneration of tissue, pills as in large infarcts or cancerous nodules, dental c, dentigerous c. The closure of these valves at this moment directions prevents the regurgitation of the blood from during the diastole of the ventricles these are being filled During the prolonged interval of rest following (which is equal in duration to the first, and twice the length of the second sound), we may suppose that the auricles are still portals of which are now wide open. Her hands should results be disinfected with a after waiting upon the patient. Bishop, of New York, said they had found thy roid extract of no value in Graves' disease at the clinic for nervous diseases, College of Physicians and Surgeons. The clinic gets to smell like a florist's It is hinted that alcoholic charts should be published alongside of weather diagrams, as it appears that mortality from alcohol has its regular seasons, declining below the mean line from February to April, rising to its maximum in July, declining again until the close of December, and finally rising to"the smaller maximum" in as a fact that the sucking of the juice of one or two lemons by women suffering from an inordinate flow of the menses has the effect of checking the same.


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