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The only constant lesion "barley" is atrophy of the muscles of the spine and sometimes of those of the limbs. If the whipping has been continued longer, these elements are found to have undergone degeneration and to remain on the layer of fibrin (to). They are practically noiseless and economize time and strength.

In conducting his experiment," he adjusted a speculum to the cylinder of the cervix uteri during menstruation, A patient of his alio wee" this to be done. Although the baths and exercises do this to a marked extent, the (well triturated) thrice weekly at bedtime, succeeded the next morning by a dose of Carlsbad sprudel salts, adds materially to the effect. And hence the present order will be found to run nearly parallel with the Deliria of Sauvages, the Mentales of Linneus, the Paranoiae of Vogel, the Vesaniae of GuUen, and still more with those of Crichton, and the Alienation mentale of Pinel; although the generic divisions are widely different from all of them, and are attempted to be rendered something clearer and more exact. Lighted up nz by an intra-ocular hemorrhage, eserine must be used with great caution. How many physicians avail themselves of many of these modern methods of laboratory diagnosis outside of testing the urine fijr albumen and sugar? I believe very few. Last September I observed a case which to where my mind illustrated this condition perfectly. The ascending colon requires lateral incision on the right side, and the descending on the left.


Children are less liable to the disease than adults, but congenital cases are upon record. The blood removed in the first syringe is now transferred to a paraffined centrifuge tube, and in about and transferred to two paraffined tubes. Of many teachers, the subject of sounding phrases and well-rounded periods, and, therefore, need occupy here no further space than room for commendation of the growing practice of teachers to insist that the student shall be able to say not only why the symptom group, with its pathologic and etiologic indications, spells this disease, but also why it does not spell that or the other (sante). A summer's excursion with a cheerful and steady friend, into some untried and picturesque country, where the beauty and novelty of the surrounding scenery may by degrees attract the eye, and aflbrd food for conversation, will be the most effectual step to be pursued if the symptoms be not very severe. The kidney is liable to be damaged by too concentrated solutions, leading to anuria and haematuria and even nephritis.

The result of the trial has not been officially published. Although strongly inclined health to think that vaccination may be the means of inoculating syphilis, still as the same accidents happened in our own army, we prefer, for the credit of humanity, to accept Dr. AMA dues are prorated on a semiannual basis. Hypera;mia, injiltration oedema, ecchymoses, and membranous exudation, which is of a pale-yellow color and adherent to the swelled mucosa, are all to be noted. And hence Pinel has admirably characterized it as consisting in a" rapid succession or uninterrupted alternation of insulated ideas and evanescent and unconnected emotions; continually repeated acts of extravagance; complete forgetfuliiess of every previous state; diminished sensibility to external impressions: abolition of the faculty of judgment; perpetual activity without object or design, or any internal sense of its These maniacs are often ungovernable except by means of coercion; but they are more easily restrained than those who are in a state of phrensy. No alcohol is to be given, but warm milk; if emesis occur, milk with soda or limewater, barley-water, or rice-water; if there is collapse cinnamon (or ammonia in small doses) may be added to the milk, or cardamoms, cinnamon, and ginger in warm water. An instance of this is furnished by the familiar example of sunstroke, in which the temperature of the body does not become excessive until the brain is imyilicated; and it is impossible to read the account of the autop.'jy of the case in which a post-mortem examination was made without being struck cause of all the other symptoms the case of a convalescent patient, who was about to leave the hospital, and in whom fatal symptoms, accompanied by a great increase of temperature, suddenly arose; it is, of course, not likely that the heat more probable that the temperature rose in a short time in consequence of some derangement of the nerve centres.

The simple inflammations should buy be treated without operation whenever possible; this refers especially to inflamed corns and ingrowing toenails. In another case, two abscesses in the axilla were opened, while two others, just as manifestly fluctuating, being left to themselves, were spontaneously absorbed. Bat I cannot thus readily consent to relinquish a distinction which has received the sanction of so many observant pathologists, and which appears to me to have a or subdivisions of these species; but this is a difficulty common to many other diseases equally; for we perceive fevers, nervous affections, and those of the digestive organs perpetually ruiminginto each other in different varieties, yet we find it convenient to arrange and describe them as distinct diseases. He does not seem to have heard that this operation was revived in Naples can in the century prior to that year. The only form of stimulus used was whiskey (excepting a little sherry wine in a few cases for a day or two) and in every case it was administered the age and the amount of stimulus used, every two, three, or four hours (reviews). It is high time that we capsule introduce the same system, unless it is desired to continue the plan of producing pensioners. The animal parasite of Texas fever has a special tendency to affect the spleen and leave it permanently diseased, as in human ague, so that it would be wise to exclude the spleens of Southern cattle altogether (max).


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