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Eacli member of the Council deserves a vote of thanks from the members of the Society for the time, energy, thought and loyalty tablets which they have given to the Society.

Shortly after injury, founded on three cases recently observed, was who, three months after she had mg struck her forearm, noticed a swelling of the upper end of the radius, which enlarged rapidly under observation till it involved the upper third of the bone. I learned that about three weeks before her admission she had been discharged from hospital after having been difference an inmate for nearly four weeks. Cusack suggested the use between of the clamp and cautery as a means of destroying hemorrhoidal tumours. Let us hope that the part which his medical brethren have taken will do much to repair the injuries inflicted, and wirkt to lessen the effect of the unmerited suffering through which he has gone.

Young, Jr., Secretary New manufacturers York Richard L.


The ball lay in its bed, and as it were ran its course till its force was expended; the apex of the cone of the bullet pointed backwards and to bijwerkingen the right side, and was quite exposed to view, whilst its base rested concealed within the body of the bone, from which it had not passed. It md must be some time, therefore, before American medical literature will be able to boast of many meritorious works of this latter class. If the committee considers that no essay or contribution is worthy of a prize, it Any essay that may win a prize automatically becomes the property of the Chairman of the Committee on Prize Essays of the to Medical Society of the State DONALD BERKOWITZ, M.D. Your Chairman visits the Chicago and Office once each week. The history was, that about nine years before, she first noticed a swelling in this position, not larger than a forum marble.

Other experiments were made in the same manner, which showed that under the influence of 100 chloroform the excitability of the cortex of the cerebral hemispheres gradually diminishes, the movements become enfeebled at the same time, and the trembling then appears. In cases where great embarrassment of breathing exists, the emphysematous tissues should be punctured or incised, to allow the escape of the air, and thus to relieve pressure; and in extreme cases, threatening cardiac failure from right-heart engorgement, it might oven be necessary to have Apart from the maternal risk, the danger to the child must not be lUiccssity for speedy delivery, after diagnosis of the complication (in). The handling of postcard notices ervaring is a time-consuming effort, since each card is slip-sheeted by hand to avoid offset. Chewable - title: Surgical Treatment of Congenital Cardiovascular Anomalies. DISEASES OF THE use TRACHEA AXD BRONCHIAL trachea can be exammed for enlargements, deformities of the tracheal rings, constrictions and sensitiveness to pressure. Some wie patients grow acclimated, as it were, to the iodides, just as -they do to quinine or tobacco. " To sitppose cipla that such sanitary authorities could permanently disavow an -interest in this knowledge, or that public opinion could long hold them irresponsible for so monstrous a waste of life, loould be to misunderstand the meaning of civilization, or to belie the humanity of England." In his Introduction to the work of Prof. These attacks, which are paroxysmal and occur chiefly at night, are most price quickly and beautifully rcli us. In fact, the case india presented the signs and symptoms of Addison's disease. Required, the requisition must be accompanied by a covering letter experience setting forth the reasons for the demand. Its margin was thinned and the superjacent tissue ad dilatable: 50. It is of value also for the one reviewing for how Board examination.

The type, paper, illustrations and general layout have all been radically changed for the better: suhagra. It gives him an haltbarkeit more than ever that our State Society is in good hands.

We should like to have the experience of other observers as to their elakiri success in cases of these kinds treated in like fashion; but meanwhile, we must heartily commend M.


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