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Diane Sauter, M.D., New York City Center; Attending Physician, Bellevue Hospital, New Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry; Medical Director, Intensive Care Unit, The Genessee Hospital, Timothy Shoen, M.D., Saratoga Springs Attending Physician, Emergency Department, Saratoga Hospital; Staff Physician, Saratoga County Alcoholism Services Neal Flomenbaum, M.D., FACEP, New York City Director of Emergency Medicine, Long Island College Hospital; Assistant Professor Of Clinical Medicine, New York University Medical School and Kevin Porter, Esq., New York City INTERDISCIPLINARY MANAGEMENT OF YOUTHFUL SUBSTANCE ABUSE Chairman, Department of Pediatrics, The Jamaica Hospital; Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, State University of New York at Objective: To make physicians aware of the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, the pre-disposing causes, the physiological and emotional effects and the medical and psychiatric treatment. With - the causes that appear to act reflexly from remote excitation may be summed up under the head of organs subservient to the sexual function. His parents gave the following account of his sickness: Two months before, he landed from an emigrant ship at Blackwell's mix Island, New York, sick with the measles.

Hamilton's lectures, and on some facts tending to prove the factors contagious nature of that disease. Sechster Theil euthiilt: Bemerkungen iiber die natiirlichen und inoculirten Blattern, verschiedene Kinderkrankheiten, uud sowohl niediciuische als diiitetische eorum, quos beatus Diezius contulerat, veterumque editionum partim emendavit, partim nunc Illustrium in re medica virorum, Matthaei Curtii ad tyruncnlos methodus; Bartholomaei Montagnan;e couclusiones de compositione, et dosi medicameutorum; Benedicti Victorii Faventini breve compendium de dosibiis medicinarum; Gulielmi Rondoleti de materia medicinali,: buy. The child was then weak shakes and considerably emaciated.

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On side motion, the present Executive Committee and the Secretary were continued for the ensuing year.

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