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Dunn, Vice-Chairman New York Frank J. The dictum announced by Cabot, that all causes of continued fever are either typhoid, septichaemia, or tuberculosis, is ofttimes of value in differentiating. Russell in which he clearly shows the importance of the control and eradication buy of bovine tuberculosis from a purely business or economic standpoint; also as a health problem. Now, with the end of the rubber tube in the examiner's mouth, using gentle suction, the needle is thrust quickly into the vein. Upon either hypothesis it is easy to see how a tumor in the position described leads to an accumulation of fluid in the two lateral ventricles; on the 90 first, simply obstructing the discharge of secretion, and on the second, acting as a ball-valve to admit an upward flow and prevent its return. They became frightened at something, started running and in so 150000 doing arrived at a gateway on the post of which was an old bent catch projecting. The statements regarding the comparative sns efficiency of the intradermal and subcutaneous tests and the data upon which they are based deserve discussion. He usually considered the dura the same as a serous membrane anywhere. Peritonitis having its source in an infected state of the blood should be called haematogenous or metastatic peritonitis. When pain and tenderness are gone, warm and cold douches to the affected limbs, with massage, are useful, and electrical treatment should be begun. There was 150 no other alteration in any organ of the body. Doubtless side many are disposed of before they have a chance to multiply.

He was surgeon to the Hospital for Sick Children, and was well known for his works upon orthopaedic surgery, and as the advocate of a method of rapid tracheotomy in which the graduated from the University Medical School in was present at the first operation performed in the Brooklyn Hospital, and himself performed the first operation in the Long Island College Hospital. After a short illness, at the age of seventy-six. When first seen she had not menstruated for three "15000" months. Robert Sattler, of Cincinnati, Ohio, made a supplementary report of a case of ivory exostosis of the orbit, he having previously reported the case to the society. Palpitation of the heart when lying on the left side, renewed by thinking of it, with feeling of anguish mostly at noon." The italicized clause seems to shew that the palpitation was of a directly nervous kind, and not from any sympathetic action connected with the gastric symptoms this medicine Camphor has certainly a most powerful effect upon the heart, and may be given with great confidence in such affections, especially if the palpitation is attended with coldness of the surface and paleness of the face. Thus, insanitary conditions existed, there was no diphtheria; the filth underground it found a nidus for its propagation, and now wherever sewer gas escapes into the domiciles of this city it is laden with the germs of this "capsules" disease. Moreover, this observation is at variance with that of Kraus," who found that the ordinary water reviews bacteria destroyed the typhoid bacillus, though this difference may be due to the different temperatures at which the water was kept. The passage of the stimulus in the specific tissue is by a wave of muscle contraction.

If both the need and practicality of the change become evident, it will then be recommended to the Commissioner. It is not necessary that the injection should be "effects" made into the palsied symptoms attendant on the accident have abated.

Is there in use at the present time such an instrument as a gutta percha catheter? We have never seen one and never before known the thing to be mentioned. A small piece of omentum had mg passed through it.


It was best that it should be into the vagina. Bronchial washings indicated no growth in routine mm. Society Meetings for the Coming Week: Academv of Medicine; Hudson County, N.


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