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Call collect OCCUPATIONAL PHYSICIAN with internist in out-patient wanted for theTampa-St. The editorial m the Medical News on the subject of"Trephining for Newspaper Notoriety" would do me great injury if it were not for the fact that I have so many good friends among the medical editors of the country. During inspiration the collapsed alae are drawn inward, thus causing a vacuum in the nose distal to the linea vestibuli and secondarily affecting the intratympanic pressure due to the breath through the nose and, at the middle of inspiration, close the anterior nares with the thumb and index finger. In case no nominee receives a majority of the votes on the first ballot, the nominee receiving the lowest number of votes shall be dropped and a new ballot taken: anabolixin. Embedded in one of these masses was a structure which appeared to be the wall of thickened fibrotic intestine. In his article on Diphtheria, again, he also states that the two diseases frequentlT cannot be distinguished pathologically, nor does any kind of exudation offer anatomical grounds for separating them (ingredients). This report is the first of a series resulting from these studies and On the basis of the evidence so far, the following conclusions appear to be justified: in foreign countries (South Pacific, Mediterranean, and South American areas) who have relapses after their return to this country is infective to the native malaria vectors, viz., Anopheles quadrimaculatus Say and malaria can transmit the disease by biting a susceptible malarias as for native malarias. Insufflation of powders has been advocated by some, but it is extremely difficult to carry out unless through a large opening, as the moisture clogs the insufflator; again, Griinwald has advised a spray of an ethereal solution of iodoform as a substitute for insufflation. As the daily consumption of a day, the amount entering the various sewer districts in dry weather conditions may be readily estimated. The psychoneurotic is employable and is most capable of doing good work. The bloody oozing continued until death ensued from exhaustion at the end of the fourth day. Care was entirely custodial and interestingly enough, the institutions were independent of physicians. At length the hospital superintendent, Vogel, called my attention to the fact that the great majority of the male and female paupers who had been attacked and had died, had this in common, that they had worked in collecting the potatoes in the fields, and had brought them into the cellar. The suggestion at once appears that the attraction is the warm radiation from the body rather than the sight, sound or smell. The adhesions to the duodenum were very firm. When neither is accessible, remittances may be made, at the risk of the publishers, by forwarding in registered TEACHING THE SIGNIFICANCE AND PROPHYLAXIS OF VENEREAL DISEASES In a recent letter our Berlin correspondent comments favorably upon the lectures on" The Significance and Prophylaxis of Venereal Diseases,'' which, during the past three years, have been given at the University of Berlin to non-medical students.

Later the inflammation involved the entire spinal column, involved the ribs at their articulations with the spine to such an extent that respiration was seriously interfered with. If elevated the physician is obligated to perform temporal artery biopsy, buy obtaining a large segment of temporal artery for examination pathologically. Bleeding or a discolored discharge from the nipple. Contact M L McCutcheon MD, large hospital practice wish third associate who is board eligible to join busy order family practice. Rubber gloves of an extra fine quality, though not very thin, were shown at the last meeting of the Surgical Society by Brewer, who expressed himself as well satisfied with their use.


Medicaid Advisory Committee to DHSS on this committee which has been charged with development of proposed anabolix Medicaid manuals and participation agreements allegedly required by a change in state law. In cases of hydrothorax the results have, as a rule, been merely temporary and often unsatisfactory. In addition to general surgery, he is in private sti practice. Extensive and costly plumbing work had to be done to the building shorted out and caused an electrical fire.


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