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As regards the difficulty in making the operation, it is a common thing to hear teachers make use of the trite old bug-bear, that,"while an external urethrotomy with a guide is a very simple operation, the same, without a guide, is one of the most difficult operations in surgery." Now this is only partially so; it may be the case final where there is a rupture of a previously healthy urethra, but when you are dealing with a urethra that has long been obstructed by a stricture, it is almost invariably the case that the part of the canal behind the stricture is considerably distended by the hydrostatic pressure at each urination, so that by cutting down in the median line behind the point of obstruction, one is very liable to strike the canal, especially if a guide has been introduced down to the point of obstruction, showing us the direction in which the canal lies.

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Letters were also sent to a online number of anatomists.

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