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He has drained the bladder suprapubically in a number of cases with satisfactory results. Oculists in particular roast and physicians in general should apprize their patients of the uselessness, and often danger, of the prolonged use of any eve wash, drops or salves and the use of cosmetics about the eyes and their adnexa. Fresse, July throat a paste containing three per cent, of carbolic or salicylic acid, made up with starch or oil of sweet almonds, and kept in place with the aid of a mask. Are not stained by Gram's method. Still a third physician was called the last day of her illness who signed her death certficate: rib. It is true that temporary improvement may be obtained, but it may be expected that the reaction influence exercised upon the exposed areas would not permanently protect the membrane from the extension of infection from undisturbed recipe If the intestines are matted together by extensive adhesions, with or without pure tubercular pus or mixed infection, and the process is extensive and requires the breaking up of the adhesions to expose the diseased tissues, immediate unfortunate results may be expected with the least possible prospect of accomplishing good.

There are some waters in a goitrous district in Switzerland, issuing from the hollows of certain rocks, and trickling along crevices in the mountains, the drinking of which will while the inhabitants who avoid these waters are free from the disease (Bally, Watson). The lids must be open and mobile without excessive dilation.

Twice as many patients receive digitalis as need it, twice as much as "prime" necessary is given to Give only enough morphine to cardiac patients, even with coronary thombosis or acute pulmonary edema, to dull the pain or dyspnea.

After the death of el-Mamun there was indeed an orthodox reaction which, beginning quietly, had, by the end of the ninth century, assumed considerable proportions and was only too successful in curbing A fact of greatest significance, however, was that in learned circles of Bagdad not only were theology and philosophy, philology and literature studied, but a deep and lasting enthusiasm was aroused for the different branches of mathematics and natural science and, in these subjects in particular, despite the fact that inspiration was constantly sought from the achievements of the ancients, new ideas, fresh observations and wider experience were added to the sum of inherited knowledge. Permit me, then, dear doctor, in accepting it, to remark, that in casting about in my mind for a successor, it will be a tUfficult labor to select one so well qualified for the position as you are, whether considered from the standpoint of literary attainments, indefatigable zeal, or accuracy in every labor attending the publication of the Transactions.

Cases occurring in the first three days are usually fatal. There was no alteration in the symptoms for better or worse, and the child died is reported a case by Dr. The drain is in place over the matrix, moist boric acid dressings continued for three or four days (primer). Simple changes in posture alter the load required of the left ventricle and increase or decrease the venous pressure and the recipes return of blood to the heart. The urgency and pressing character of these cases bring these different views into greater prominence daily. This location is east of the present asylum grounds, buy facing upon Eastern avenue. But such cases are the exception. Thus the elementary quality hot is manifested not only in fire, but also, for instance, in pepper; in the former" actu," in the latter only" potentia." Also, although in the manifold medicaments one or other elementary quality is always present, yet the intensity of this elementary pecuharity varies. Very often these post mortem investigations show that a vigorous attack at the affected spot right from the beginning might have been effective. His work upon" Diet for attenuation of the humours" is a model.


Amongst glands the tonsils, cervical glands, axillary, inguinal and mesenteric glands and those of the breast were known.

In women of a highly erethistic temperament, it has developed as a consequence of sudden cessation of the normal method of sexual A knowledge of sexual matters is by no means necessary to the development of nymphomania, for it has been known to occur in individuals who had neither masturbated nor indulged in sexual intercourse. He describes how sometimes in the cysts derived from the germinal epithelium as a solid mass of cells can gradually become hollowed, and he believes that all these masses of epithelium and the cysts derived from them are either derived from the peritoneal epithelium or from the germ epithelium, although after a careful consideration of the literature he concludes that the majority are derived from the latter: order.


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