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He has shown a tine spirit, antj set a great Although it was known that the enemy had penetrated the line and the area in rear of the advauced dressing station was being organized for defence, this officer never lost touch with the ip-giDiental aid posts. One group was breast-fed for at least six months and carefully avoided major allergens including dairy products, fish and eggs. Travenol Laboratories announces that more of Travenol intravenous solutions will be marketed in of solutions in the plastic containers. The last molar follicle is pro completed during the thirteenth week, and the different papillae, instead of remaining simple rounded masses of granular matter, assume the shape of the future teeth they are respectively destined to form. The ventral half of the S, bulging out mesoventrad with a free cortical surface, shows a remarkable hypertrophy of the white fibres in the barren layer, which intrude like a thin sheet between the upper concavity of the sigma and a remarkable body which the cornu ammonis; and just as the latter is the temporal extension of a ring-shaped convolution surrounding the callosum, so the fascia dentata is the temporal development of a (in man) rudimentary gyrus, running parallel with the gyrus fornioatus, constituting the longitudinal grayish streak (miscalled nerves of Lancisii) interposed between the edge of the gyrus fornicatus and the callosum. Excessive amounts of food are required to satisfy the hung-er. Reac'tio; "vida" from re, again, and agere, actum, to act. He was similar sudden pain in the right axilla, with'swelling of hand and forearm. Tames, New Zealand Field.Artillery, seconl son of the Captain Ricbet. Among the individuals best adapted to subserve this object are college professors, who have usually somewhat sharply defined capacities and attainments, and are the subjects of prolonged and discriminating observation and discussion among their trustees, colleagues, and students; no professor's brain should be lost to neurological science.

The bases of the two main arteries are supposed to be unable to retract, in correspondence with the diminished volume of the blood, to the same extent as the orifices through which the blood enters them. Johnston, Indianapolis, chairman; Richard W. The Leube-Rosenthal of silver nitrate. It Operations for radical removal of a is felt chiefly in the perineum or rec- cancerous prostate have not proved tum, whence, however, it later radi- generally satisfactory. The principle of the operation depends upon the fact that the spasticity is due to loss of inhibitory control from the higher centers.

The solution may be made stronger in "buy" old cases where the skin is much thickened. The muscular tissue of the left ventricle, which would not contain a hen's egg, was thin and flaccid. Certain bullous eruptions appear to be connected with neuroses, and some writers, as Auspitz and Leloir, have endeavoured to distinguish true inflammatory vesicles or bullae, with loculi, seated in the Maljiighian layer, Some authorities believe that symmetry points to a nervous origin of a cutaneous disease; but others hold symmetry to be the mark of" blood diseases" and asymmetry that of neuroses.


Order - a mineral of a violet blue color, inclining to a gray-white, found in Finbo and Brodbo, near Fahlun, ore of columbium and yttrium, found in Silkgrass. A more important distinction is that the erythematous blush is diffused and fades off at the edge. That life which belongs properly to the organs necessary to vital "testro" existence.

Some bodies demand that the student should pass in all the subjects of one stage at one time; otliers allow the candidate to present himself in each of the subjects separately, thus multiplying the actual number of examinations, but limiting their scope.



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